Zhui Yan(坠魇蝶,Zhuì yǎn dié) is a powerful soul that takes the form of a butterfly.


Originally it was owned by Brujah Clan's Clan Leader, however, he decides to give it up for the sake of his clan. This lead to a competition between the Idealist and Iconolast members of the group. However, due to the actions of Mei Lilla and Fraser, their competition never took place. Instead the next day, it possesses Yue Jian after she accidentally finds it.

Ge Chen explains that it can be adsorbed by the powerful allowing the user access to its magic, as was the case for Clan Brujah's leader. However, when the person is not strong enough it instead takes control. The Corpse Hand told Ge Chen about its power and curse, but not its origins. Part of its power involves mind control, it places a victim in a trance and can even cause them to go to sleep.

Though the spirit is deceptive and cunning, it is easily tricked. Furthermore, it has a mischievous side, as show when it left Fraser sleeping next to Mei Lilla on her bed in her underwear.

Later when it was freed from Yue Jian's body, Ge Chen was able to sense it came from the Malkavian Clan.

It is later killed when it is forced out of Dye You and slaughtered by a joint effort of Ge Chen, Fraser and Mei Lilla. It is then revealed it was the other half of her. It is a form of Xue Yan, a devil personality and causes her to become a Vampire every night and seek blood. Her father, wanting to protect her split her in half as her actions would be not forgiven by the other Clans of the Camarilla and he did not want to see her killed by an ally. He pushed it out of her and it became a butterfly that flew off.

Over time, other clans did not know the origins. Though it was sealed into a valley far away because her father did not have the will to kill half the soul of his daughter, it kept escaping. However, separating half her soul gave Dye You great pain every night, causing her to desire to find it again. Once the others kill the spirit, her father informs them that from now on, this will be the same for her every night.


  • Her name means "Falling Nightmare Butterfly".
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