Note; due to translation issues related to the fickleness of pinyin, this character's name is also written as "Xi Yan" and "Zi Yan" is some translations.

Nam Gong Zhi Yan (南宫夕颜, Nángōng xī yán), usually just written as Zhi Yan (夕颜, xī yán) is the second child among the three cloned sisters and foster daughter of Professor Nam Gong. Though she was meant to fulfill a divine destiny, her destiny is denied to her and she begins a long fall from grace leading ultimately to the loss of all her hope.


Zhi Yan is a very beautiful young lady like her two sisters. Her eyes are of a beautiful azure color like that of her sisters. Her appearance is similar to that of the donor of her genes. She can be differentiated from her sisters through her hairstyle. She has part of her hair tied into two pigtails, one on either side. The rest of her hair hangs loose likeYue Jian's.

Growing up, her clothes often had a accent coloured in pink.

The bangs on her forehead are plainly cut like Zhao Yan's but it is slightly parted to the left, leaving part of her forehead bare. She tends to tie portion of her hair in the back in two ponytails, leaving the rest of her hair down. Her jet black hair is also noticeably more wavy than that of her two sisters.

After becoming a Vampire, her skin begins to pale and she becomes thinner.

Though they have identical DNA to Isis and each other, there is some differences between the 4 of them. Yue Jian note that the girl they saw in the Ice Coffin, who was suppose to look like Isis was her sister Zhi Yan. This, despite the fact the 3 sisters are genetically indifferent and identical to each other. The are, however, alike enough so that others cannot tell them apart.

At one point due to a spell, she has her gender reverse. She has short hair in this form, as well as being short in stature.


As a human Zhi Yan was extremely lively and willful woman compared to the graceful Zhao Yan and quiet Yue Jian. During her younger years, she used to be extremely self-centered and vein. Despite being quite egotistic, she was loved by many because of her charm and was said to always be smiling. She was always obsessed with making herself look more appealing and fashionable and concerning herself with being popular. She enjoyed having the most splendid dress in the city, as well as following the latest accessory trends. She lived quite care-free because of this.

She was, however, a coward who took the easy way out if it is presented to her. This leads to her more wicked streak of betrayal and cowardice at the expense of others. She displays a desire for happiness and the easy life without effort. The loss of this chance was the biggest challenge for her to cope with and for a time she wishes merely for an end to her suffering as she wanted to escape from making things worst.

After the events of the Forbidden Sphere, she lets her hope die completely to avoid further pain, her hearts dies with it. She continues on, no longer smiling and she pushes back everyone who attempts to befriend her. Yi Tai notes that the more she is compared to being worthless, the more she resists kindness, even if they are truly meaning it. He labels her as a "Type 2 person", meaning that her primarily trait is 'jealously', making her easy to control for this reason.


Her SistersEdit

she cannot bare seeing her sisters' success above her own and will scheme further to gain ground over them. She also enjoyed rubbing her fortune in her lesser fortunate sister Yue Jian. When she causes her younger sister harm, she considers her actions as without fault and the real blame was on Yue Jian herself for being born in the first place.

She begins to feel her actions and even her own guilt towards her sister Yue Jian, even seeing a brief light of hope in the pair and even feeling relief when her sister Yue Jian finally forgave her for her past mistakes. This does not save her final fall from grace after the events of the Forbidden Sphere and even her closest sister Zhao Yan becomes nothing to her.

The SabbatEdit

Zhi Yan'a status in the Sabbat is not very high. Over time, Yi Tai forces her to become his obedient servant, forgetting who she is. In turn, she is made to do things that go against even her better nature and leads to pain and suffering of others. She holds onto want little hope she can muster to get by and when that dies, Yi Tai wins. Sorace ends up getting the brunt of her new persona that emerges from this, despite how nice he acts towards her and being the only member of the Sabbat to show her kindness.

For the most part, her continued existence and use by the Sabbat is mostly as a means to keep a form of leash also on Zhao Yan.



Zhi Yan as she masters the fire spell

She is smart for a normal human as her grades at school, though not as impressive as Zhao Yan were still above average and managed to get second place on exams. Her notable difference also plagues them when they go out, as Zhao Yan's skills excel above her own in combat particularly as originally se was trained to fight and hunt Vampires by the Human Hunter Organisation. She fights with a pair of whip-like weapons. Regardless of the differences between her and her sister, she attended one of the highest level of highschools and received an above average education then most.

As a Vampire she is immortal, her bite can drain blood, as well as her blood can provide subsistence for other vampires. However, she begins her existence as merely one of the lowest ranking vampires under leader. However, as the one who bit her first was Yi Tai himself, she does not die so easy if too much blood is taken from her. He also begins to teach her magic spells involving fire, ice and water. Due to her unwillingness, lack of endurance or low will power, she finds the process extremely painful and only continues to learn them out of being given a lack of choice.

She also has a bat placed on her by Yi Tai. This familiar begins to wreck her from the inside out if she attempts to betray her Clan Leader, escape or commit suicide. This causes her extreme pain when it does so. Eventually, he leads it to her heart and she is given the ultimate choice of letting her heart die or feel pain like no other. This marked the full ascend into her loss of humanity and acceptance as one of the clan, she has not suffered from the pain since with consequences both good and bad. At the same time, he increases her healing power so she can recover from his torture faster. Zhi Yan is now able to use the chains spell in addition.



She was born a clone along with two other girls, her sisters Zhao Yan and Jian Yue. Growing up she was a lively young girl loved by all. She along with her sisters were raised by their adoptive father Professor Nam Gong who loved all 3 of them.

Growing up, the 3 were rarely apart. One night they sat on the roof and wathed falling stars and each made a wish. Zhao Yan wished for her family to be safe, Zhi Yan wished to be prettier while growing up to marry a rich man. When Yue Jian is asked hat she wished for, she said she would wish for food, but figured that would be a waste. She wishes she could be with her sisters forever.[1]

The Mei Yue Yin selectionEdit

At 9 years old, everything changed.

After seeing a merry-go-round on TV, Yue Jian wished to ride one. Zhao Yan sttes she will ask their father when he get back if he would take them to a ride. Zhi Yan berates her sister's desire as childish, causing Zhao Yan to defend it and question if her younger sister wanted to remained home schooled for the rest of her life.[2]

A man visited her father. The 3 girls spied on the pair and found out two of them would be injected with Mei Yue Yin and then attend a school called 'Sheng Pei Ren' academy to become noble young women.

She was captured by the thought of becoming a noble young woman and disinterested with the reasons behind the selection. To increase her chances of being selected and to attend the academy, she decided to remove Yue Jian from the selection, believing since she was a fault in the cloning process she shouldn't have to compete anyway. She places some cleaning liquid at the end of a walkway, which is missing screws and sends her to fetch it.[3]

After Yue Jian falls and burns herself severely, her recovery takes her out of the selection process. This leds Zhi Yan to feel confident that her place was secured. However, her father catches her disposing of the screws from the bridge. When the Mei Yue Yin is admitted into her, she gains a glowing flower as proof of her destiny. However, unknown to everyone at the time, Zhi Yan's dosage is swapped out for a fake by her father.[4]


Zhao Yan and Zhi Yan depart

The night before they leave for school, the three attend a Theme Park to fulfill Yue Jian's wish to ride a Merry-Go-Round. While Zhao Yan sits on one ride holding their sister Yue Jian steady, Zhi Yan rides next to them.[2]

She leaves with her sister to attend Sheng Pei Ren.

The Fall of Sheng Pei Ren academyEdit

Over the years the two girls grow into noble and beautiful women. She and Zhao return home regular, during this time she liked to rub her new found grace and beauty into her sister Yue Jian, teasing her over things like Cakes.

The two sisters trained with the Human Hunter Organisation to fight Vampires in the Guang Zhi Yi Faction.

Overtime, she begins to notice her grades and scores are not on par with her sister Zhao Yan despite both having Mei Yue Yin inside them.[4] Hurting her pride even more, during a routine fight with bat-familiars, she is caught off guard and rescued by Zhi Yan. This hurts her pride as she begins to notice how more skilled she is then her even at fighting Vampires.

The tutor for her class asks her as the class president to help her carry some papers and number them accordingly, which turns out to be the papers for an upcoming exam. The tutor then receives a call and steps out to take it. To her shock, Zhao Yan has completed the entire paper, answering even the most difficult question on the paper that Zhi Yan ould only half complete. With the tutor distracted, she changes the last answer on Zhao Yan's paper to be unreadable. However, Xu Wu cheng catches her in the act.


Zhi Yan is embraced as a Vampire

Blackmailing her he tells her to meet him in the abandoned Room 5, on the upper levels of the school.[5] He then bites her, making her into a vampire and reveals his true name of Yi Tai, head of the Tsimizce "Lian Ma Yan" clan. He reveals if she informs her how useless it is to go to the Human Hunter Organisation as not only would they find him, they will find her. However, if she ignores it, within 24 hours she will become a blood-crazed demon. He tells her the only way is to meet him in 24 hours time in the same location and subitto him. The next day she starts to crave biting down on her fellow students neck.

She tries to be alone and goes to a remote part of the school. However, a student known as Jiang Xue Yang finds her anyway. He requests to be friends with her but instead is killed when she drinks his blood. She later returns to accept Yi Tai as her master and receives some of his blood.[6] Yi Tai tells her to continue to hide her true nature from others and asks for the Forbidden Sphere Device Inspector for him which is suppose to be passed to her and her sister Zhao Yan. When she reveals she does not have hers, he instructs her to find it for him. After failing to find them for him, he attempts to punish her by drinking her blood, but a tutor and friends of Zhi Yan interrupt. He causes them to suffer an accident by pushing over the bookshelves to protect himself.

She later confronts him, but he blows it off stting they will die so as the Sabbat will attack and kill everyone if she does not find the seals soon. In an attempt to find them, shetries to clean Zhao Yan's roomand when aught she says he wishes to stay in Zhao Yan's roomdue to the recent events. Later when her sister is asleep she suspects that the seals are not in the school and that her sister Yue Jian has them.


Appearing innocent Zhi Yan begins her move to drug the hunters

The next day, Yi Shen informs everyone that many deaths near the Meng Ting and Ti Weng Academys have occurred recently. The Demon Clans of the Sabbat are suspected behind them and the targets are members of the Human Hunter Organisation. A spy is suspected in the organisation. He concludes their next target is them. Zhi Yan informs her Clan Leader that the zombies will not be able to get in as crosses have been placed around the school, however, fakes crosses have been swapped out by her to leave gaps in the schools defenses. He passes her 3 sachkets with power in them which would weaken her sister, Kai Lin andYi Shen's combat abilities making them easy to deal with.[7]

She is forced to not only betray the Human Hunter Organisation, but her actions led to the destruction of the academy. When pressed on where Zhao Yan hid the Forbidden Sphere Device Inspector, the information on her father and Yue Jian is revealed.

Yi Tai's abuseEdit

After the fall, she is forced to become a slave to her cruel new Clan Leader. He forces her to reveal where the seals are by offering her as food to Zombies, to which he sdetails the location of her father and sister Yue Jian.[8]

He toys with her, offering her to zombies if she does not obey him. After a while discovers she does not have the Mei Yue Yin inside her, he losses interest in her and tosses her to other servants in his clan to fed from her. She is shown also to her sister Zhao Yan. She pleas with Zhoao Yan to save her as Fan Li Lao warns Zhao Yan she will meet the same fate eventually.[9]


Zhi Yan becomes desperate to end her suffering and attemps suicide

Over time the Vampires keep drinking her blood, often leaving her near death.[10] As it gets too unbearable for her, she tries to commit suicide by stabbing herself but is stopped by Yi Tai. He gives her a new dress and takes her to a nearby human city. Upon arriving at their destination, she has a bat familiar placed on her of her by Yi Tai. He tells her that if she dares try to commit suicide or betray him, the bat will go inside her veins and crush them. Inside a bar, she goes over to a group of men and then lures them to a location of Yi Tai's choosing. The men are fed to a hybrid zombie as food.

Upon returning, he allow her to sleep next to him, as she thinks, the bat causes her pain and she promises not to commit suicide pain nor betray him.[11]

A Change of AbuseEdit

As time goes by, her appearance pales and she becomes thinner. This pleases Yi Tai who then decides he will no longer just give her away to his servants. He blindfolds her and tells he he will take her to a place she has already been to.[12]

He takes her back to his Hybrid Zombie and pushes her towards it. He explains that Titan won't kill her, but instead just taste her blood.[13] He later arrives to pick her up after the monster is done with her and tells her so long as she forgets herself and just becomes an obedient servant he will make her meet his expectations.[14]


Zhi baths in the coldness of the magic circle

Yi Tai begins to teach her magic spells. When she can't summon the spell due to the pain it creates doing so, he forces her to endure it. Fan Li Lao enters the chamber and tell him he is tired of hearing her screams.[15] Yi Tai is pulled away to aid Fan Li Lao. With the Sabbat leader occupied, he returns to continue to teach her magic. He pulls off her warm clothes and drops her into a bath of Ice. she stays there being watched by two of his other servants. She begs them to end her suffering, they at first refuse until she offers to give them anything.[16]

When he returns, he finds the two servants have pulled her out of the Ice Bath and are drinking her blood. They plead with him and he dumps them into the Bath instead. He considers her worth even less then before. He throws her into a Fire Bath instead, despite her pleading him not to do so. He states the circle of hot and cold will go on for her until she gets it.[17]

The Ice CoffinEdit

Some days later,Yi Xai finds Zhi Yan has finally mastered the Fire Spell he taught her. Satisfied with her results, he tells her she will be going on a mission with him. When she finds out she will be meeting her sister Yue Jian, she protests. This annoys him and he grabs her face to face and tells her that she is in no position after everything she has done to be a saint to him.

By the time Yue Jian and the Camarilla arrive, she has taken up position to pose as another.[18]

Using Zhi Yan they are able to snatch all 7 weapons without the Camarilla knowing they were tricked into giving up the weapons. With the weapons in hand they preform the true rite to take the information on how to remove Osiris' curse on the Forbidden Sphere.[19]

The Forbidden SphereEdit

After one of the training sessions with Yi Tai, Zhi Yan is left alone. She suddenly heres her sister Yue Jian's voice. Zhi Yan is unable to see her because of her being a Vampire and pill making Yue Jian invisible to her sister because of the impact of a pill she has taken. She tells her she is not hearing things, that she is here to take her back. Zhi Yan tells her to go away as she is still ashamed of everything she has done.


A sister's gift; renewed hope

She tells her the day that Zhi Yan walked away with the weapons were stolen, Yue Jian was deeply upset by her goodbye. She acted very different to the sister she knew. Zhi Yan states she doesn't have the right to go back to her sisters, but Yue Jian reassures her there is nothing wrong. At that point she tells her to find their sister Zhao Yan and in the meantime she will use Zhi Yan's identity. She gives her a second pill and tells her to hide until the time is right. Yue Jian tells her she will endure Yi Tai's torture until the time for her sisters' sakes. The two part ways.[20]

A few days prior to the Forbidden Sphere event, she makes her move to rescue her sister Zhao Yan. The pill Yue Jian causes her to suffer great strain in addition, yet she realizes Yue Jian would have suffered the same under the pill. She realises her sister had done a great deal of growing up.

She realises there are 3 restraints binding Zhao Yan right now. The first weakens her strength, she did not know the second one controlled her, but she knew the only one she could actually deal with right now is the chains binding her. The chains keep her unconscious and he has to reinforce them every so often. She listens in on Fan Le Lao as he casts the spell to enforce them.

Suddenly he leaves the room as he suspects someone is there. When he sees no one there, he casts a spell on the spot to induce pain. She bites down on her lips to endure the pain and he leaves thinking no one is there. After getting the spell she goes back into hiding.

On the night of the Luna Eclipse when the Forbbiden Sphere can finally be summoned, she appears and confirms they are alone. During the last few days, Zhao Yan managed to grab some of his hair and Zhi Yan uses it as a conduct to cast the spell to free her. She then gives her the potion to remove the restraint on her power. Apparently Bi Ni gave it to her, though unknown to Zhi Yan it was really the Devil Doll pretending to be her. The two depart to to go to the Forbiden Sphere.

They arrive later in time to save their sister Yue Jian from Yi Tai.[21] When Yi Tai mocks the pair for returning, Zhao Yan states they will not let anyone touch Yue Jian. When Yi Tai tries to attack Yue Jian, Zhi Yan throws his own magic spells at him to stop him.

The fight continues, and Zhi Yan continues to fight her tormentor. He manages to bite her with snakes and mocks her as weak. However, the bat he placed inside her is not causing her pain. She manages to stand up. She states she will go home with her sisters.[22]

Yi Tai defeats her as the power of Xi Tai is being released.[23]

With the fighting over, all sides retreat from Forbidden Sphere for now, Fan Le Lao brings Zhao Yan with him and orders Yi Tai to bring Zhi Yan. Zhi Yan comes to conclusion there was never any hope to begin with.[24]

The Fragments of OsirisEdit


The punishment of Zhi Yan for betraying the Sabbat

A few weeks later, he Sabbat begins their mission to retrieve the Fragments of Osiris. Zhi Yan has been torture the entire time since the battle and has for the first time finally not screamed as Yi Tai tortures her. He mocks her for her claim that she can withstand everything he throws at her. He states he strengthened her healing powers so her recovery should be quick. As a traitor to the Sabbat, he states her pain isn't enough. He has also strengthened the pain from the bat inside her.

He states her body already belongs to him, therefore her heart should be too. he states a puppet needs no heart and she is his forever. He releases her and tells her to prepare for a mission in a few days. He reminds her there are things she can and cannot say in front of Zhao Yan and leaves her. She is too weak to get up, but also too weak to cry. Her entire body hurts including her heart and she wonders what would happen if it died. Zhi Yan is not satisfied with her predicament, she still wants to fight.

As she reaches out, Sorace grabs her hand.[25] Though he tries to help her out, she is cold to him and insults him, as Yi Tai's torture of her takes its toll on her heart. When he asks if he can visit her often, she briefly returns to normal mental state, before she tells him to leave her alone.[26]

Village of the DamnedEdit

Their first mission takes the Sabbat and Nam Gong sisters into a deserted village. The village was victim of a storm that destroyed its crops and methods of trading with the outside world. The villagers turned on each over and resorted to cannibalism. The initial appearance was of a calm and picturesque village, but as the sun sets its darker face is revealed.

Zhao Yan ties to comfort her sister Zhi Yan from the sight as creepy things freak her out. But Zhao Yan gets a surprises cold response form her sister and she wonders what is going on, unaware of what Yi Tai has done to her previously. In the past few days as well, she is turned away by her also. She wonders if it is because she decided to work for the Sabbat.


Sorace wonders if Zhi Yan purposely saved his life

As the darkness comes in, the creatures of the night appear from inside the village.[27] They soon finding themselves fighting the creatures, during the fight she saves Sorace from one of the undead creatures. During the fighting, Zhao Yan spots a child calling her for help. She rescues the boy who claims he knows a safe place. The Sabbat retreat, following the boy.

After they escape the fighting, he explains the state of the area after the storm and how anyone who entered the area became trapped. He explains that over time the people trapped began to bleed in the face and slowly everyone including his parents turned into the undead creatures they saw earlier. Those who starved to death also became the creatures and when the army was sent in, they too fell.

While they rest, Yi Tai tells her to follow his plan and Sorace approaches. He tries to thank her but she states she is just a pawn to be used. H tries to point out how she merely acts mean. She berates him for showing care towards her and tells him to go away.[28]

Later that night the boy reveals his true nature to Zhao Yan. When he greets himself as The Ruler of the Night, Zhao Yan boasts how the Vampires re the true rulers of the night. he is then killed for his fragment by Fan Le Lao and the village burnt down.[29]

The Giovanni ClanEdit

The group is settled in a hotel within the Giovanni Clan territory. Zhi Yan thinks about the last mission and notes how nothing is the same anymore. Sorace knocks on her door and she greets him rudely. He explains nobody ordered him to go look in on her and that he came on his own terms. He reveals the reason behind his bothering of her is that his uncle told him he is of a age to take a wife. She belittles him for trying to chase her thinking he has a chance with her.

Sorace notes how she acts mean but he believes she is really nice. He explains how aong his clan, he is despised for acting the way he does. He explains that he came to the HQ to work after hearing about two beautiful sisters and took to her as soon as he saw her. He volunteered to look after her because Yi Tai and and Fan Le Lao were not that bothered about her anyway. She tells him to get out.

She wonders later why he insists on chasing her.[30]

Zhao Yan visits a local store to shop for food and other essentials on the insistence of Fan Le Lao, who is allowing her sister Zhi Yan to go with her. Sorace comes with them too out of his own accordance, much to Zhi Yan's annoyance. Zhi Yan picks up a box of chocolates she used to get told off by her dad and Zhao Yan over buying too much of. They discuss how it is given during Valentine's day, which makes her remember the day she gave Fan Le Lao chocolates when he was playing with her heart. They agree to buy only a few boxes as she can't eat much as a Vampire, this upsets Zhi Yan that she isn't human anymore and she walks out.

After leaving the store she is attacked by Ada who has been hunting the pair. During the fight Ada had caught her off guard with a stone that effects Vampires. Zhao Yan shows up and fights, when Ada tries to use the stone against her, Zhao Yan pretends the stone has impacted her, catching Ada off guard who didn't know she was still human. Ada quickly realises this is due to Mei Yue Yin.

The two talk and it ends with Ada cring for her brother. As Ada carried and planned this mission herself they leave her be and the sisters leave with a warning to Ada about leaving them alone. As they leave, Zhao Yan spots a familiar that has been following them and kills it.

The trio returns back to the Sabbat to find the room filled with smoke. Zhao Yan turns to her sister Zhi Yan who is carried by Sorace only to find she has changed genders and so has Fan Le Lao to her horror.[31]

It is explained that they received a package two days ago, but it had not been opened and though they took caution they still got catch off by the gas. The conclusion was that the gas only impacts Vampires as neither Lin Xuan Chi or Zhao Yan were impacted. Zhao Yan brings up Ada's stone that only impacted Vampires and suspects they are connected.


Male Zhi Yan teasing the flat chest female Sorace

Zhi Yan notices Sorace claims to have changed genders but does not look any different. Sorace is mocked for being flat-chested, which causes Sorace to get upset. See her mocking Sorace with a smile on her face, Yi Tai pulls her aside for daring to smile and warns her she will be disciplined again if she is not careful.[32]

Fan Le Lao notes that the Demon Hunter's Organisations remnants likely poisoned Zhi Yan on purpose and then used the gas to control the Vampires to get access to the Mei Yue Yin owner and lure her out. Fan Le Lao then tells Yi Tai to prepare guns; they will attack the group pretending to be local gangsters.

The Sabbat attack a church, where the hunters are hiding. They capture a number of hunters, but are forced out when an explosion occurs.[32]

Fan Le Lao interrogates a Hunter they took prisoner from their raid. The hunter reveals all he knows revealing the remain Hunters have formed into separate groups with different missions. Ada's group were simply charged with capturing the Nam Gong sisters Zhao Yan and Yue Jian, while Ada intended to kill Zhi Yan herself. When they couldn't make progress they were told to wait in the city. A mysterious person gave them weapons to fight Vampires with. Fan Le Lao asked about a long haired man with pointy ears, but the hunter knew nothing on him.

Finished with the Hunter he tells the others they can do want they want with him, the man begs for his life, even going so far as to offer to become a Vampire. Fan Le Lao tells him to stop begging and asks for what reason he has to keep him. Zhao Yan goes to Ada to ask for the antidote to change the Vampires back to their original genders.

Later, effected members of the Sabbat venture to the Fortune Teller to get answers. The Vampires are changed back to their original genders. The old woman reveals she is of the Giovanni clan and a Vampire over 1,000 years old. She explains that it is the younger members of the clan who likely caused them to change genders as they are quite mischievous and swapped out the original package for that one. The original intended package was sent by the fortune teller and was much scarier.

The old woman speaks about their leader being obsessed with an object that had been at rest for centuries. The fortune seller states that Fan Le Lao knows so much for his young age and wonders how he knows. She passes an envelop with the details of an upcoming action held by the clan.[33]

The AuctionEdit

Yi Tai leaves Zhi Yan to watch her sister spending time with Fan Le Lao from outside the auction building afte pointing out the Giovanni leader to her. While she waits Sorace joins her, having been turned back into a man because he followed the group when the didn't invite him. He guesses she wants to be inside the building, she states that she can't because God doesn't like her.

They notice the Giovanni Leader rushing off.

Sorace then reveals that the reason he thinks they rushed off may have something to do with the Death of the Fortune Teller.[34]

After news that a powerful Giovanni Fortune Teller was murdered after members of the group went to see her, Yi Tai reports his concerns about this to Fan Le Lao. Fan Le Lao and Zhao Yan leave, Yi Tai warns Zhi Yan she took too long to report the Giovanni leader left. He leaves this alone by reporting that compared to her sister she is worthless.

The next morning Zhao Yan tries to clear her up with a treat she loved as a child, Strawberry Egg Tart. She speaks with Zhi Yan about her silence and tries to encourage her to talk to her. But even though they are sisters, Yi Tai's comments the day before about her worth compared to Zhao Yan's gets to her.

Later that night she watches the ballroom as Fan Le Lao and Zhao Yan are together inside. Sorace creeps up on her. He drags her away from her watch and comments how she seems to love upper class balls and parties. She replies that all girls dream of being a princess, of living in castles and meeting their prince, but dismisses them as she is not worthy. When they arrive at a water fountain he passes her a present, a dress.


Sorace and Zhi Yan; the prince and his princess

He offers his hand for a dance. She downplays the dance, her partner and the dress, though Sorace is shocked as the dress cost him a lot of money, he is happy she is happy. He comments when she is around him her eyes are blue instead of Vampire red. She belittles herself and points out their the same as her sisters and their nicer then she is. He tells her not to compare herself to them.

Filled with emotions she sends him to get her water. After he is gone she feels pain in her leg fro Yi Tai's bat. The bat was reacting because she was falling for Sorace instead od letting only Yi Tai into her heart.[35]

He pulls her away from where Sorace and her were and proceeds to discipline her for disobeying orders. When pushed to get her to confess to where she got the dress from, she claims her sister gave it to her, unaware Yi Xai knows who gave it to her. He goes with the story, ripping the dress and hurting her, telling her she doesn't deserve dreams and dresses. He tells her to play dead, telling her though she lacks the Mei Yue Yin she is still good as bait to lure out the Giovanni who have infiltrated the auction under the disguise as the police.

Later, two Giovanni approach her. They smell her blood and then realise she is a Vampire like them. They then agree to take her to "that place", to give her blood to something, noting that everyone at the auction will die anyway. They drag her away unaware they are being watched by Yi Xai.

They take her to a secret place and feast on her blood, allowing it to drip onto a magic array, which Yi Tai notes is likely ceremonial related. He considers stepping in and only does so when Zhi Yan gives away she is still alive. She is unable to save herself as the Giovanni have drained too much blood from her. Revealing himself, Yi Tai makes no attempt to save her but reveals he heard them confess everyone will die at the auction.


Defying their leader, Sorace saves Zhi Yan

The array activates, taking the two Giovanni, as it is revealed it seeks the strongest targets available. Due to the speed it worked in, he decides he needs to see it again and leaves her there to be attacked by the array, knowing he cannot let her die but wanting her to meet punishment for betraying him. As the array tries to engulf her, Sorace, who has been watching the whole thing also slice it back and saves her much to his annoyance.[36]

Angry at his leader's actions, when questioned he tells Yi Tai that he was sent to retrieve her for Fan Le Lao and Zhao Yan. He tells his leader Fan Le Lao does not want Zhi Yan to get hurt as it will effect the entire team. Yi Tai notes that if she is hurt it must be a problem for Sorace. As he walks off, Yi Tai tells him to stop by his place afterwards.[37]


  • Her name means "Evening Face". This refers to the act of a girl dressing up for a night out in make-up and her best clothes, when she looks her best and is hiding all her imperfections and flaws.
  • In China, the 3 Nam Gong sisters are quite popular.[38]

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