Note: it is popular to write her name as "Zhao Yan" as this causes the 3 sisters names to reference the letters "XYZ" (Xi Yan, Yue Jian and Zhao Yan)

Nan Gong Zhao Yan  (南宫朝颜, Nángōng cháo yán), usually just written as Zhao Yan (朝颜, cháo yán) is eldest of the three cloned triplet sisters and foster daughter of Professor Nan Gong. She is other main protagonist of the second part of the story. Throughout the story, Vampire Sphere covers her loss of belief as she learns how unfair the world really is.


Zhao Yan is a very beautiful and elegant young lady with beautiful azure eyes and long brown hair. Her appearance is the same as her other two sisters and the donor of her genes. She can be differentiated from her sisters through her hairstyle. She tends to wear her hair in a ponytail tied with a ribbon. She has small plain-cut bangs covering her forehead and small fringes near her ears. 

Growing up, her clothes often had a accent coloured in purple.

When the power of the Mei Yue Yin is active, the flower symbol on her glows.

Though they have identical DNA to Isis and each other, there is some differences between the 4 of them. Yue Jian note that the girl they saw in the Ice Coffin, who was suppose to look like Isis was her sister Xi Yan. This, despite the fact the 3 sisters are genetically indifferent and identical to each other. The are, however, alike enough so that others cannot tell them apart.


She is intellectual and quiet compared to the other two sisters. She is kind towards others and is almost the polar opposite of her sister Xi Yan, she works hard despite being given a easy life with the Mei Yue Yin. However, she is the most rebellious among the three as seen during her captivity.

After being taken as the Sabbat prisoner and humiliated over and over again, she develops a new perspective and opinions of the world forever tainted completely and her nobility has shattered. By the end of the Forbidden Sphere battle, she even begins showing cruelty that she never showed before and not protesting if a less fortunate individual such as a child is killed. She considers her past a dark one and only looks upon the present and is prepared to do whatever it takes to get what she wants.


Her SistersEdit

She always acts mature and elder sisterly towards her sisters even though they are technically of the same age. She makes her sister Yue Jian feel better when Xi Yan gets too much as well.

Even though her sister Xi Yan was known for her selfish streak even up until she was revealed to have betrayed her, she trusted her thoroughly. Even when it is revealed she was betrayed by her, Xi Yan's suffering at Yi Sai's hands causes her great concerns when her screams cease. She begins to blame herself for also endangering Yue Jian.

With the events of Forbidden Sphere, she looses her faith and puts only trust in her two sisters, desiring only to have her family safe once again and viewing as everyone else as not important. As time progresses a she begins to treat even Xi Yan differently and excludes her from taking part in events such as the Giovanni Clan auction, adding to a void that began to grow between the pair as Xi Yan was already acting cold to her.

Fan Le LaoEdit

They first met before Sheng Pei Ren's school gate. After her kindness action toward him, he become obsessed with her.

After her imprisonment by Fan Le Lao, Zhao Yan displays a strong resistance and will power against him. Over a brief period she learns to loath him bitterly, especially after his father dies thank to him. She endures him dishonoring her, controlling her actions, hurting her mentally and emotionally for weeks on end. Her hatred ensued no matter how much he tried to break down her pride and he could not get her to love him without causing her toendure an illusion where she did not actually know who he was. After his game with her heart, in which she finally gave him back love, she looses almost all of her faith as she could not believe how the Vampie she loathed bitterly was able to steal her love without her even knowing what he had done to her.

Her continued association with Fan Le Lao becomes one of dependence on his power he stole from Xi Tai, he simply becomes to her a means to an end. She becomes dark in her outlook in life, no longer even viewing children as "innocent" and at times can be quite cruel. She would kill him if it was possible, but she finds it impossible to kill him since he still has the power to manipulate her. The new found co-operation, however, earns her the ability to walk among the Sabbat unbound in chains, but she remains their prisoner, unable to escape from Fan Le Lao.

The Demon Hunter OrganisationEdit

Having been taught many things by them about Vampires and truly having her opinions tainted by the group, she thought of them as noble to their word. Once reality of the sacrifices the group makes to survive began to show up, she thinks of the group as merely a shadow of what it truly represents. On the one hand it preaches Vampires are bad, on the other it works with them or is even manipulated by the various Vampire clans.



Zhao Yan fights Vampire familiars

Though human, she has the Mei Yue Yin inside of her. As well as preventing herself becoming a Vampire if bitten, she has the ability to charm them. Vampires who bite her will find her blood tasty and their powers are enhanced, and will continue to desire it once bitten on occasion. She also has above average physical abilities and is stronger, faster and smarter then most. However, as a note in regards to this, before she was even injected with the Mei Yue Yin, she was already intelligent and hardworking compared to her sisters. At school she was the top of the class always getting the highest result in exams. She attended one of the highest level of highschools and regardless has a higher level of education compared to most.

She was trained to fight Vampires by the Human Hunter Organisation and knows how to kill them, as well as use weapons such as fire arms. Once in the hands of the Sabbat, she displays a cunning opportunist, plotting and resisting Fan Le Lao to the bitter end in a game of wits between them. Her strong will makes her withstand his own will power, making it hard for him to seduce her.

He manages to gain the upper hand by tricking her into giving him control over her mind. This results in him able to control her actions whenever he pleases. The spell is called "the seven moons dew" with the command "Under the moonlight of the Seven Nights" being the command to hand herself over to him. Fan Le Lao so far used this 4 times

In addition she is a vivid reader when it comes to studying books and is seen at 9 years old painting.




Zhao Yan's birth inside the cloning machine

She was one of 3 sisters that were cloned from DNA by Professor Nam Gong and like them become his adoptive daughter. Growing up she was distant but smart. All 3 were loved by their father.

Growing up, the 3 were rarely apart. One night they sat on the roof and wathed falling stars and each made a wish. Zhao Yan wished for her family to be safe, Xi Yan wished to be prettier while growing up to marry a rich man. When Yue Jian is asked hat she wished for, she said she would wish for food, but figured that would be a waste. She wishes she could be with her sisters forever.[1]

The Mei Yue Yin selectionEdit

At 9 years old, everything changed.

After seeing a merry-go-round on TV, Yue Jian wished to ride one. Zhao Yan sttes she will ask their father when he get back if he would take them to a ride. Xi Yan berates her sister's desire as childish, causing Zhao Yan to defend it and question if her younger sister wanted to remained home schooled for the rest of her life.[2]

A man visited her father. The 3 girls spied on the pair and found out two of them would be injected with Mei Yue Yin and then attend a school called 'Sheng Pei Ren' academy to become noble young women.

Zhoa contemplated hard on the implications of the Mei Yue Yin blood. When their father was away, the 3 were left to clean. During an accident, Yue Jian was burnt, making her unable to be considered for selection.[3] Zhao Yan and Xi Yan were given the Mei Yue Yin, though uniknownst to all Xi Yan's dosage was a fake.[4]


Zhao Yan and Xi Yan depart

Before they left, Zhao Yan took care of Yue Jian every day. The day before the two sisters were due to leave, Yue Jian was taken to a Merry-Go-Round. They arrive just before the park closes, so few people are around. Because of her injuries, Zhao Yan holds Yue Jian steady while their sister Xi Yan sits on the ride next to them. Xi Yan however, remembers this memory as a sad one later and of her crying in it.[2]

The pair then attended Shen Pei Ren.

The Fall of Sheng Pei Ren academyEdit

Over the years the pair returned to visit their father and sister regularly. During this time Xi Yan liked to rub her fortune in Yue Jian's face, but Zhao comforted her and secretly was kind to her, like giving her some cakes made at the academy to copy.

The two sisters trained with the Human Hunter Organisation to fight Vampires in the Guang Zhi Yi. During this time, Zhoa Yan's grades were high and she did well at school.[5] When Xi Yan displays inferior skills and capabilities compared to her, Yi Shen questions the difference in abilities. Zhao Yan defends her sister and states she just needs more time. She is handed the Forbidden Sphere Device Inspector by him, stating one each was meant to be given to them. He explains that when her Mei Yue Yin blood blooms she will be able to use them to enter the forbidden bloodlines realm.[6]

During their next visit home, Zhao Yan decides to sleep with Yue Jian. Later that night she passes her the Forbidden Sphere Device Inspector and tells her to keep them a secret.[7]


Zhao Yan protects the beggar from the students

Outside the school gates, Zhao Yan protects a beggar the students berate and attack for daring to beg at their school grounds. She then gives him some money for food and tells him he should beg somewhere else as the students will likely tell the schools guards bout him.[8]

Later the Sabbat invaded and wiped out the school, betrayed by her own sister Xi Yan who has become a Vampire and was working for the Sabbat.[9]

Imprisoned with the SabbatEdit

Fan Le Lao holds her as his personnel prisoner, and even forces her to tell him where the sacred seals are by having surviving students of the academy bitten, transforming them into demonic vampires. During the torture of the students, she falls out and causes herself to pass out, avoiding telling him where they are.[10]

During her stay, Fan Le Lao begins to dress her up in clothes to make her look pretty and torments her. Showing her strong will she attempts to kill Fan Le Lao by breaking a wine glass and piercing his heart with a shard. He prevents her attempt to kill him and cuts her hand. He finds it difficult to resist the smell of her blood and declared she will become a Vampire tonight, not knowing that the Mei Yue Yin blood prevents her becoming a vampire.[11] He begins to admire her beauty.[12] He even shows her the fate of her sister Xi Yan and warns her if she doesn't start cooperating she will met her sisters fate. When Xi Yan pleas for her help, Zhao Yan tries to save her but is prevented from doing so.[13]

The Reunion with Yue JianEdit


In midst of uncertainty a happy reunion occurs

During an escape bid, Fan Le Lao's maid Bi Ni gives her a potion that will allow her to escape called 'Qi Yue Lu Hua'. Free of Fan Le Lao's repressive powers, and her own Mei Yue Yin strength return she attempts to reunite with Yue Jian by going to her school Kai Lun academy. At the gate, she meets a member of Li Tao's Yin Yan Se Faction who survived their attack from the Sabbat as he had been separated from the group prior and gives her a lead on where to find the others.[14] She finally catches up with her sister Yue Jian.[15]

Fan Le Lao gains control over her, as the medicine Bi Ni gave her turned out not only able give back her strength of the Mei Yue Yin blood, but allowed him control over her. When he attempts to take the seals from her Ge Chen appears and steals them from her hand.[16]

The Game ContinuesEdit

Back at the Sabbat HQ, she regains herself and remembers the events. Angry she attempts to take Fan Le Lao's life, however he still controls her mind and she cannot. He tells her he wants her to sleep, awake and remember everything that went on, as he intends to dishonest her and make her feel ashamed of what she has done while asleep, in order to break her strong will.[17]


Zhao Yan sits next Fan Le Lao, unaware of who he really is

She arrives at a school called Saint Ferrell High School not knowing why she is there. Showing no memory of her past life, she remembers she is a student and this is her first day. In class she is seated next to a boy called Fan Le Lao, who is really Fan Le Lao but does not know who he really is.

She wonders by the basketball court later and finds she cannot take her eyes off him due to how handsome he is.[18] Later that night he greets her and offers to walk her home. Though she knows she lives with her parents, she cannot remember who they are. When she arrives, the Landlady tells her her parents were kicked out for not paying rent.

She ends up in a park where a group of men spot her. She attacks them, but wonders why she is so weak. At this moment Fan Le Lao appears and saves her from them. She explains she has no where to go and her parents are gone, he tells her she can live with him. They arrive back at the Sabbat castle.He leads her to the highest point and revealed he is a Vampire, suddenly she feels a deep hatred inside of her for him. He tells her it was a joke and leads her to her bed.[19]

Later that night, Zhao Yan is awaken by thunder. He asks her if she is sacred of the thunder, to which she replies she is not. However, the feeling of her memory being wiped she feels right then scares her. He comforts her by telling her loneliness scares him and they fall asleep together.[20]

After waiting until she buys him chocolates he finally brings her memory back to normal and reveals what she has been doing the last few days.[21] He explains that for all her pride and nobility, he can easily write her into a romantic screenplay. He states he wants to prove to her she is not the person she believes herself to be and wishes to break her will. He lets her have a night as herself again before sending her back to the school to resume things again.

When Bi Ni comes along with a glass of water, she smashes it on the floor. Suspecting she wants to commit suicide she tells other servants to quickly clean up the glass. Zhao Yan manages to hide a piece of the glass. She scratches onto her arm a warning.

Round 2Edit

The next day the game continues and she goes to school. She changes seats with another girl. She feels the pain on her arms and like it is a warning from another world. She continues to avoid Fan Le Lao throughout the day.[22] She finds a job and a place to earn money but he continues to try ad get close to her and appears at her new place of work.[23] She tries to protect herself from him by saying the cafe is closed. However, he sees around this by claiming he has been there for a while and she refused to see him. When she spills drink on him, he pushes her to the ground demanding compensation. She struggles free of him.

It begins to rain, he brings an umbrella, she walks by him.[24]


Fan Le Lao forces Zhao Yan into a kiss while trapped in the rubble of the earthquake

He begins to tired of Zhao Yan avoiding him.[25] Later an earthquake hits the school trapping him with Zhao Yan and injuring his arm in the process, impressing Yi Sai on how far he would go. While waiting to be rescued, Zhao Yan pulls off her sleeve to bandage up Fan Le Lao's arm, only to discover her scars she scratched onto herself at last.[26] During the time the pair are captive under the rubble, he forces himself upon her and kisses her.

Later the pair are rescued and taken to a hospital. Fan Le Lao takes the place of a doctor and checks in on her. He tranquilizes her, knocking her out.[27]

Final RoundEdit

Fan Le Lao takes her back to the Sabbat HQ. He removes her scars and tells her he is sending her back in a perfect condition so this time she falls in love with him completely.[28]

At school, they pray for the students who lost their lives in the Earthquake. After class, Fan Le Lao shocks the students by saying Zhao Yan is his girlfriend.[29] Dismissing his advantages, she runs off. Fan Le Lao approaches her and ask her to be his pillar of support after the incident they lived through. A she grabs her, she pushes away 3 other girls from the school witness her pushing him away.

Later they find her in the bathroom and toss a bucket of water over her for rejecting him, accusing her of making herself feel special in the process. Fan Le Lao stands at the bathroom door and declares he really loves his girlfriend. As he hands her his coat, she asks him to get out of the Ladies bathroom, rejecting his offer to carry her as well. He states he'll keep waiting for her to come to him.[30]


A kiss on a Ferris Wheel

In her home, she pulls petal off of a flower and decides not to go to Fan Le Lao. It begins to snow outside. She goes outside to see if he will come. He takes her to an Amusement Park Ferris Wheel and makes it work despite the staff going on. They board one of the carriages and observe the view. After a brief talk on how the superstitions of a couple sitting together will break up, the pair kiss.

They head back to Fan Le Lao's home, Sabbat HQ, Fan Le Lao pretends he has a cold. He convinces her to stay and look after him so he won't have to be alone.

Once he falls asleep, Zhao Yan begins to question if there is two versions of himself as he ats very differently at times to how he acts otherwise. She hears him calling her in his sleep.[31]

The next day, he appears to be better. While exploring a bit she finds a staircase leading to a room full of paintings of her and him. While she is distracted, he hugs her from behind. he explains that these are dreams he wishes to carry out with her, holding her hand he asks if she could make these dreams come true.[32]

They begin to visit places like the Aquarium and get close to each other. Throughout their day, Zhao Yan enjoys herself, unaware Fan Le Lao is about to end the game.[33]

The Game EndsEdit

As the final round of their game ends, he becomes cold and distant towards Zhao Yan. Then as she looks out from a railing, he appears behind her and tells her he will take her to a place tonight.

Later at a beautiful beach after dark. He tells her this place is painful for him, perking her curiosity. He proceeds to tell her that he is of Blood Clan, a Vampire. He mind stirs on why he is always on his own as he explains he does not want to drink blood. He then goes on to explain when he was young he was cursed and must bite a girl by the time he is 18 , making her into a Vampire in the process as well. After he turns 18, he will die and become a devil in hell. He ensures her in her confusion he had no intention of making her a Vampire.

His talk about vampires stirs memories within her, but she cannot put her mind to ease, cusing her head to hurt. She runs off, though he expected her to do so.

Away from him, she tries to make sense of it.

The next day he is absent from school and she finds a letter in her desk.


The game ends and Zhao Yan gives herself up to Fan Le Lao

Later that night, she goes to him.[34] She finds and hugs him, as he explains things to her, she ensures him she wants to save him. after gently resting her on a bed of rose petals, he bites her and the two embrace.

At some point, the cure for her memory erasing is given to her.

The next morning, he is surprised she has not become a Vampire and puts it down to Mei Yue Yin. Zhao Yan is chained up as his prisoner in a cell. The mark he gave her on her neck from biting her grows. She suddenly awakens. He tells her the game is over and he has won - she fell for him completely and gave herself to him and allowed him to do with her as he pleased. He brags about how easy it was to win her love, despite how "noble" she was, that her memories of the past few days will start returning to her in the next few hours. She cries, much to his delight. He then leaves her.[35]

The Forbidden SphereEdit

Fan Le Lao and Yi Sai spy on the Ventrue Clan clan and note that Yue Jian has left the castle. Fearing they may come after the Sacred Weapons, they vow to tighten security. Predicting their foe's movements, they realise they may go after Zhao Yan. Fan Le Lao uses his command he still has over Zhao Yan to plant the location of the Forbidden Sphere into her head and to find him as soon as she arrives.[36]

As she lays in her cell, she is approached by who she thinks is Xi Yan, only to find out it is her other sister Yue Jian.[37]

Later, Yi Sai brings Yue Jian to watch her in her cell, believing that Yue Jian is really their sister Xi Yan. Yue Jian is forced to watch as Fan Le Lao bites Zhao Yan's neck and proceeds to abuse her again in front of her sister. She is made aware of her sisters presence and turns to Yue Jian, but endures the pain Fan Le Lao is inflecting on her.[38]


Freed at last

Days before the Forbidden Sphere Luna Eclipse event, Xi Yan spies on Fan Le Lao to steal the spell for the chains that bind Zhao Yan, using some hair that Zhao Yan pulled from Fan Le Lao in the previous days when he came to bite her. On the night of the Luna Eclipse, Xi Yan appears and frees her. She gives her a medicine to remove the restriction on Zhao Yan's powers that were given to her by Bi Ni, who was really the Devil Doll pretending to be her. The pair finally make their escape from the Sabbat HQ together.

They arrive later in time to save their sister Yue Jian from Yi Sai.[39] When Yi Sai mocks the pair for returning, Zhao Yan states they will not let anyone touch Yue Jian.

During the fight, she singles out Fan Le Lao and goes to take his life. He tries to point out right now she is helping the Camarilla who are Vampires, but she notes that her sister Xi Yan becoming a Vampire because of the Sabbat has changed her position on Vampires.[40] As Zhao Yan stands over him, he notes she is no different from the time she stood over him back when he was pretending to be a beggar. He talks about how easily she gave herself to him before, and though she protests he notes she is hesitating to actually kill him. He then points how that the one thing she isn't questioning is how she knew where Forbidden Sphere was in the first place.


Fan Le Lao nears to bite and drain Zhao YAn of every drop of blood she has to spare

He uses the command spell to force her to give him blood to fight with. As he bites her, he finds that even little blood from her can greatly replenish his strength and begins to strip her dress to bite her , but is attacked by Ge Chen who is with Yue Jian. He commands Zhao Yan to attack. Yue Jian appeals to her sister Zhao Yan to stop, but she does not respond.[41]

After the fighting ends, all sides retreat from Forbidden Sphere for now, Fan Le Lao brings Zhao Yan with him back to Sabbat HQ.[42]

The Fragments of OsirisEdit

3 days after the battle, she is confronted by Fan Le Lao. She grabs a nearby dagger and threatens him. She attempts to cut her own throat to sacrifice herself, but he merely mocks her for it. He mocks her sister Xi Yan who is the Sabbot's prisoner once again and tells her depending on her actions her "worthless" sister will be dealt with. She realises he put the dagger there. She makes an agreement that if her two sisters are protected, fan Le Lao can do whatever he wants with her. This intrigues him.[43]

A few weeks pass, the Sabbat locate someone who knows the location of the Fragments of Osiris. Zhao Yan, who is no longer tied up but still a prisoner, is allowed to walk around the HQ freely demands to know more information. Fan Le Lao warns her about her position. He reminds her Xi Yan is still in their control and she must keep up her end of their new bargain. She warns him he must keep up his end as well. Both agree they currently need each others help, Zhao Yan to get her sister Yue Jian back and fan Le Lao to get the remaining 3/5 of Xai Tai's power. Zhao Yan is willing to do whatever it takes to get her last sister back.[44]

A few days later, Lin Xuan Chi is dragged in front of him and Zhao Yan. Zhao Yan states his punishment for his betrayal was justified. Fan Le Lao takes a dig at her at Xi Yan's expense for her own betrayal.

Lin Xuan Chi turns to her and they discuss the Demon Hunter's Organisation. Though Zhao Yan believes he shamed his parents by going against their sacrifice, he begs to differ. Fan Le Lao notes that despite how big the battle of Forbidden Sphere was, the Demon Hunter's Organisation didn't play any part and he believes they have access to a better power.

Lin Xuan Chi believes the real reason his parents were killed was over the dairy they had containing the Fragments of Osiris. Zhao Yan finally understands the reason for his betrayal; he was betrayed b the organisation, he did not betray them. She asks Fan Le Lao if Xi Yan will be coming on their mission.[45]

Village of the DamnedEdit

Their first mission takes the Sabbot and Nam Gong sisters into a deserted village. The village was victim of a storm that destroyed its crops and methods of trading with the outside world. The villagers turned on each over and resorted to cannibalism. The initial appearance was of a calm and picturesque village, but as the sun sets its darker face is revealed.

Zhao Yan ties to comfort her sister Xi Yan from the sight as creepy things freak her out. But Zhao Yan gets a surprises cold response form her sister and she wonders what is going on, unaware of what Yi Sai has done to her previously. In the past few days as well, she is turned away by her also. She wonders if it is because she decided to work for the Sabbot.

Fan Le Lao grabs her and cuddles her under protest from her. He tells her to watch the sun as it sets. As the darkness comes in, the creatures of the night appear from inside the village.[43] They soon finding themselves fighting the creatures. During the fighting, Zhao Yan spots a child calling her for help. She rescues the boy who claims he knows a safe place.

The Sabbat retreat, following the boy. After they escape the fighting, he explains the state of the area after the storm and how anyone who entered the area became trapped. He explains that over time the people trapped began to bleed in the face and slowly everyone including his parents turned into the undead creatures they saw earlier. Those who starved to death also became the creatures and when the army was sent in, they too fell.

They arrive where the remaining villagers are, the eyes of the people glow red. Fan Le Lao explains to Zhao Yan that they are not to be confused with Vampires whose eyes also glow red, these people simply are eating meat near the grave.

After she and the boy witness Xi Yan acting mean to Sorace, she defends her sister's behaviour. He asks if the cookie he gave her was good and then asks her to sing him to sleep. Fan Le Lao hears her singing and notes he wants to make her cry. She states she won't cry anymore and he notes how weak she sounds and how she lacks cruelty.

After she falls asleep herself, the child reveals he wishes to devour the group as food.[46] As he nears he to eat her she awakens. Zhao Yan never ate the boy's cookie and was never poisoned by it, she explains she suspected something was up due to the fact he was a normal child venturing out at night searching for food when he knew the creatures were active at night. Then there was the case of the army, when no creatures bore army uniforms. He reveals the reason for this is that they ate the soldiers.

The boy reveals thanks to the fragment of Osiris he is able to control the people and calls himself The Ruler of the Night. It is then revealed that none of the Vampires in the Sabbot are poison and whether or not they ate his cookies is unknown, they were likely to be uneffected as they were the true rulers of the night. Ultimately the child is killed for his fragment by Fan Le Lao and the village burnt to the ground soon after.

Fan Le Lao is surprised Zhao Yan didn't stop him from killing the child. She states they were prisoners within the village unable to venture out, they were far from innocent and deserved to pay for their sins. She was surprised Fan Le Lao trusted her instincts. When she comments he was just a child, Fan Le Lao remarks how cruel she had become.[47]

The Giovanni ClanEdit

Fan Le Lao rents out an entire hotel for the Sabbat to stay in. Yi Sai informs an Le Lao that the Camarilla have left Big Bug Island. He also tells of what he has learnt on the Mei Yue Yin, which is purposely allowed to be heard by Zhao Yan who is eavesdropping.

After Yi Sai leaves, he asks Zhao Yan if she is crying and ties to "comfort her". Fan Le Lao complements her stating she looks like she wants to destroy everything and notes this side of her is beautiful to him.[48]

Zhao Yan visits a local store to shop for food and other essentials on the insistence of Fan Le Lao, who is allowing her sister Xi Yan to go with her. Sorace comes with them too out of his own accordance, much to Xi Yan's annoyance. Xi Yan picks up a box of chocolates she used to get told off by her dad and Zhao Yan over buying too much of. They discuss how it is given during Valentine's day, which makes her remember the day she gave Fan Le Lao chocolates when he was playing with her heart. They agree to buy only a few boxes as she can't eat much as a Vampire, this upsets Xi Yan that she isn't human anymore and she walks out.

Zhao Yan passes Sorace the things they bought to carry and pay for and chases after her sister. She wonders into a ruined chrch area and finds Xi Yan at the mercy of a woman who states she has been after the pair for a while. As they fight Zhao Yan tells Ada to shut up, as she is accused of being a Vampire herself by her. Xi Yan warns her not to look at the jewel around her neck, but she cannot.

Zhao Yan pretends to react to the stone and catches Ada off guard as she didn't know she was still human. Ada quickly realises this is due to Mei Yue Yin. While Ada tells her to get killing her over and done with and condemns the par for working for the Sabbat, Zhao Yan tells Ada to get off her righteous streak as the association cannot save her sister. Zhao Yan tells her she isn't the same as in the past and the Demon Hunter's Organisation Ada works for that she believed in no longer exists and may never have existed.

Ada cries for her brother. As Ada carried and planned this mission herself they leave her be and the sisters leave with a warning to Ada about leaving them alone. As they leave, Zhao Yan spots a familiar that has been following them and kills it.

The trio returns back to the Sabbat to find the room filled with smoke. Zhao Yan turns to her sister Xi Yan who is carried by Sorace only to find she has changed genders and so has Fan Le Lao to her horror.[49]

It is explained that they received the package two days ago, but it had not been opened and though they took caution they still got catch off by the gas. Fan Le Lao accuses Zhao Yan's lack of transformation due to her being "too manly" to begin with, but as Yi Sai points out, it ma only effect Vampires. Yi Sai is accused of having involvement as he left just before the gas was released, but he points out Fan Le Lao himself sent him away. Zhao Yan brings up Ada's stone that only impacted Vampires and suspects they are connected.

Fan Le Lao notes that the Demon Hunter's Organisations remnants likely poisoned Xi Yan on purpose and then used the gas to control the Vampires to get access to the Mei Yue Yin owner and lure her out.

Just then, Fan Le Lao feels a sharp pain in his chest. He compares his breast size to Zhao Yan, causing her to lash out at him. Fan Le Lao then tells Yi Sai to prepare guns; they will attack the group pretending to be local gangsters.

The Sabbat attack a church, where the hunters are hding. They capture a number of hunters, but are forced out when an explosion occurs. During the fight, the pains in his chest continue.[50]

Fan Le Lao interrogates a Hunter they took prisoner from their raid. The hunter reveals all he knows revealing the remain Hunters have formed into separate groups with different missions. Ada's group were simply charged with capturing the Nan Gong sisters Zhao Yan and Yue Jian, while Ada intended to kill Xi Yan herself. When they couldn't make progress they were told to wait in the city. A mysterious person gave them weapons to fight Vampires with. Fan Le Lao asked about a long haired man with pointy ears, but the hunter knew nothing on him.

Finished with the Hunter he tells the others they can do want they want with him, the man begs for his life, even going so far as to offer to become a Vampire. Fan Le Lao tells him to stop begging and asks for what reason he has to keep him. Zhao Yan goes to Ada to ask for the antidote to change the Vampires back to their original genders.

Zhao Yan goes to Ada to talk, she warns Ada that she already has been told what she needed to know from her fellow Hunters. Zhao Yan states that everything Ada is doing is merely revenge for her brother's death. Zhao Yan reveals the leaders of the Hunter Organisation are not what she believed them to be and manipulate things accordingly, and things like Ada's necklace likely came from the Giovanni Clan. Distraught, Ada goes to attack Zhao Yan, who turns her bac so Ada has an easy target. Ada, unable to cope with whats going on tells Zhao Yan to seek out a Fortune Teller before slitting her own throat.

Zhao Yan leaves her at rest.

Later, effected members of the Sabbat venture to the Fortune Teller to get answers. The Vampires are changed back to their original genders. The old man reveals he is of the Giovanni clan and a Vampire over 1,000 years old. He explains that it is the younger members of the clan who likely caused them to change genders as they are quite mischievous and swapped out the original package for that one. The original intended package was sent by the fortune teller and was much scarier.

The old man speaks about their leader being obsessed with an object that had been at rest for centuries. The fortune seller states that Fan Le Lao knows so much for his young age and wonders how he knows. He passes an envelop with the details of an upcoming action held by the clan.

On the way out, Zhao Yah eavesdrops as the Teller warns Fan Le Lao he has two people inside, one like water and the other fire, they must be used wisely as they will tear him apart.[51]

The AuctionEdit

Fan Le Lao arrives at the auction with Zhao Yan and he introduces themselves as husband and wife. Due to their handsome looks, the pair attract a lot of attention from the people around them. Zhao Yan tries to protest over her being introduced as Fan Le Lao's wife but he reminds her she is still his prisoner and he will punish her later if she doesn't do as she is told.

Fan Le Lao identifies the Giovanni Leader to Zhao Yan as he comes to greet them. Moments later he rushes off on a urgent matter.[52]

Outside the pair meet up with Yi Sai and Xi Yan. They report the leader rushed off must likely due to the Giovanni Fortune Teller being mudered soon after they left. Fan Le Lao wonders if a certain someone killed her and the pair go back inside.

Zhao Yan discusses on how the leader may not realise that Fan Le Lao is the woman from the attack but he may know who she is. Fan Le Lao comments everything is under control. Fan Le Lao wrenches from pain again and Zhao Yan gives him a vial of her blood. He ignores the bottle and pushes her onto the bed and bites her while she protests. With her own blood still on his mouth he kisses her so she can taste her own blood.

Fan Le Lao compares her to a parasite who needs others to survive, and although she walks away from revenge she merely goes after someone else. He comments at least Xi Yan knows what she wants, he asks what her future plan is but receives no answer from her.

The next morning she tries to be nice to her sister Xi Yan by giving her Strawberry Egg Tarts. Xi Yan doesn't respond and instead ignores her.[53]


Zhao Yan and Fan Le Lao dance the Tango? Oh là là

At the auction, he decides that the best way to get the Giovanni leader's attention is to stand out. He causes the music to play the Tango and he and Zhao Yan dance, taking advantage of the situation to address her as both his wife and lover which annoys her before they do so.

After their dance the Giovanni leader attempts a dance with Zhao Yan, which causes Fan Le Lao to step in. He forbid the pair to dance and later claims it will frustrate their Leader more making him come to them.

On her own she considers Fan Le Lao's comment on the future and decides she has no future. She is suddenly intruded by the Giovanni Leader, who has become obsessed with her since he saw her on TV. Using a potion that reveals any Vampire's true form, she reveals she isn't a Vampire, getting his attention at last she tells him if he wishes to know more, he has to listen to her.[54]

The two get down to business, they discuss the recent church explosion and the death of the Fortune teller, with that aside she discusses the auctions items. She notes if he doesn't cooperate they will simply steal the item anyway, which he finds amusing as he doesn't believe they have the power to do so. He then offers to buy her out of the Sabbat, but she refuses to be bought when offered. However, she notes they have a common enemy and she is interested in the Giovanni Magic and medicine access.

As she enters the backroom, she is surprised by Osiris who has dropped off Fan Le Lao. He leaves him in her care and departs, while telling her she should not associate herself with the Sabbat.[55]

When she helps him into the bed his dreams of his childhood are pouring into her mind. When he awakens, she questions him about that. They talk about Fan Le Lao's parents and the Giovanni leader. Fan Le Lao reveals to her that the man who defeated him is Osiris and he speculates about why he is unable to absorb his own power. Zhao Yan blames everything on Osiris, and bites her lips in anger. They chat about her sisters and Fan Le Lao's plans for the future. When he asks her to sing a lullaby she is annoyed at him but still does it. After that he leans to her and tries to lick the blood from the corner of her mouth, and earns a slap from Zhao Yan for that. While they are bickering Yi Sai arrives to give a report about a magic array, proving Fan Le Lao's suspisions.[56]

In the morning she helps Fan Le Lao to dress as he is still hurt thanks to his fight with Osiris. His plan for the night is to have Osiris help him out. Zhao Yan mokes him as he is not able to win a fight against him yet he wants to use him. Fan Le Lao is annoyed but changes the topic and tells her that yesterday he revealed his weakest side to her. During their conversation they were equal and she was the only one who ever saw this from her. Zhao Yan doesn't understand why he treats her so different, but reminds herself that he only cares about his interest and she shouldn't mistaken his intentions.

In the auction she is horrifyed when they bring out a living being, beautiful vampire woman. Fan Le Lao tells her that she shouldn't be that surprised as both humans and vampires are greedy but they normally hide it. But when they wear masks they don't have to surpass it. Zhao Yan finds it disgusting. Fan Le Lao finds it true.[57]

After the slave vampire girl they bring out the item that the Sabbat wants - the undecaying head. When the bid starts, Zhao Yan thinks back to the night when they recieved the invitation, she had a talk with Xi Yan. Her sister expressed willingness to join her at the auction to help her. She denies her rather harshly. When she leaves the room, she is confronted by Fan Le Lao. He is on the opinion that she leaves a bad impression - all this time she made it look like that Xi Yan is important to her and cares about her and now shuts her out. He asks her if she is not afraid of that Xi Yan will hate her. Zhao Yan says that when they were in the store she realized that Xi Yan is too sensitive and she overthinks everything. Zhao Yan doesn't want for her to feel as she is using her as a pawn. And she doesn't care if Xi Yan hates her but she will not let her into a dangerous situation.

Fan Le Lao bids really high. She brings up metal bags to the podium but instead of money they contain smoke granates. Everyone panics. She has another flashback from the same night but probably it happened earlier than her talk with Xi Yan. Fan Le Lao informs her about the complete situation and how he plans to deal with it. He describes the Giovanni leader as a pervert and comes up with the idea to let Xi Yan seduce him. Zhao Yan takes the job for herself, which seriously annoys Fan Le Lao. He warns her that the Giovanni leader will probably try to have sex with her and she should let Xi Yan deal with this. Zhao Yan is angry and jells with him that he wouldn't protect Xi Yan properly if she encounters a dangerous situation, but he wouldn't let her die yet. Fan Le Lao asks her if that's the case then is she ready to kill if that is what is demanded from her.

At the auction she thinks yes, she will do it. As the chaos reigns, she shoots to kill and justifies it as karma, as they take part in the selling of another sentient being. She frees the vampire slave girl, than points her gun to the temple of the Giovanni leader revealing that she was never under his controll and everything - his annoyance to Fan Le Lao, their blood-drinking scene, her "reluctance" to be with Fan Le Lao was all for play, and a composed scene for him.[58]


  • Her name means "Morning Face". The term "Morning Face" refers to a girl when she first wakes up in the morning and shows her true appearance without make up, along with all her imperfections and flaws.
  • The birthday of the three sisters is on the 27th of May.
  • According to a side chapter Fan Le Lao rapes her at a point of their story.[59]
  • In China, the 3 Nan Gong sisters are quite popular.[60]
  • In a poll that was made for the 100th chapter she was ranked in 3rd place (2nd most popular female character in the manhua).
  • In Chapter 69, she wishes to keep her family safe, however, like her sister's wishes this did not come true. Her father is dead, her sister Xi Yan is abused by her clan master and Yue Jian is kidnapped by Xi Tai.
  • When Fan Le Lao takes control over her mind, the color of her eyes change to dull red. However no one seems to notice it.


Zhao Yan Edit

Zhao Yan & Fan Le Lao Edit

The Sisters Edit


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