Yi Shen (伊森, Yī sēn), also referred to as "Eason" in some translations or "Ethan", was a member of the Human Hunter Organisation and Leader of its Guang Zhi Yi Faction.


The Fall of Sheng Pei Ran academyEdit

He and Kai Lin trained the sisters Zhao Yan and Zhi Yan to fight vampires. He also was a student at 'Sheng Pei Ren' and regularly patrolled its grounds. He fought with a pair of pistols.

Yi Shen was not a fool and suspected that Zhi Yan wasn't living up to the traits of one with Mei Yue Yin blood. He passes the Forbidden Sphere Device Inspector seals to Zhao Yan instead of giving one to each of them.

Kai Lin and him are killed when the Sabbat attack the academy. He was drugged by Zhi Yan prior to the attack and fell when 4 Tsimizce clan Vampires attacked him under Yi Tai's orders.


Long after his death, it is revealed Zhi Yan did not receive the Mei Yue Yin blood and the seals ended up in Yue Jian hands and later secured safely by the Camarilla. Yi Shen's decision avoided both seals falling into the Sabbat Clan Leaders hands.

In another twist of his legacy, his sister Ada joined the last remnants of the organisation.


  • He was the first person to become suspicious of Zhi Yan in regards to the Mei Yue Yin.
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