Note; due to translation issues related to the fickleness of pinyin, this character's name has been translated into a number of variations and may vary across some translations. In the beginning his name is used in the "Yi Tai" form.

Yi Sai (以赛,Yǐ Sài) was originally introduced under the false name of Xu Wu Cheng (斯羽行, Sī Yǔ xíng), He is the crown prince of the Tzimisce Clan, and the Vampire sire of Xi Yan.


He has fiery red hair which he wears slightly parted on the right side. His normal "human" eye colour is golden-yellow (depending on the light can seem to be amber), though in 99% percent of time, his iris is tinted in vampire red. He is tall, lean, muscular and has broad shoulders.

He often has a lack of emotion on his face, though displays a devilish look or a mocking smile when he gets to do what he wants or things go on according to what he wants.

He often wears earrings - normally more than one - and sometimes rings on his fingers, too. He was also seen wearing eye-glasses when performing scientific studies.

He hasn't changed gender when Fan Le Lao and Xi Yan did, but the author draw him as a woman. Unlike in Fan Le Lao's case, the length of his hair doesn't really change. He is rather flat chested, but really curvy.


Yi Sai is usually calm, collected, and he can remain cool-headed even in dire situations. He is rarely emotional, he seemed to be angry only on a few occasions (usually due to Xi Yan or Sorace doing somthing), and he has yet to express any true joy or happiness. He makes plans meticulously and is capable of analizing and understanding the happenings around himself in a rather short time.

He easily decieves others, is able to act like a charming and careless young man among humans, only to reveal how exceptionally merciless he really is among vampires. He is able to effortlessly see through humans and Vampires alike, and is highly skilled at emotional manipulation, which also makes it hard fo others to see through him.

Never trust the smiling psycho

He comes off as a sadist, but he isn't really one - a sadist enjoys causing pain to others, and when he tortures someone he feels nothing, it is only a means to an end for him. He often demonstrates sociopathic traits, enjoying the act of picking on a person's weaknesses and their sub-conscious, exploiting them to make it more exaggerated and prominent on their thoughts, turning minor traits into major self doubts. He will blackmail others over their darker acts and will even forcing a person who has sinned to fall further from grace by reminding them of their past deeds and using it against them.

He expects strict obedience among his clan members and punishes failures or disobediences. He truly believes he is the master of his clan and the others are servants that obey him without question. In reality he seems to care little for them.

As a member of Tzimisce Clan - which is famous for its expertise in magic -, he is also a scientist. If he meets something he considers challenging he is willing to go pretty far in orther to master it perfectly. He deems the even huge sacrifices - both in time and material - for a goal like this worthy. The act of torture, pain and suffering are all a pleasure of his, as his clan members feel this when conducting these experiments, so does he believe this is the true nature of all Vampires.


Xi YanEdit

He was the one who turned Xi Yan into a Vampire. He immediately started their relationship with pain and humilation, and later resorted to extreme methods - like granting the right to drink her blood to his subordinates and hybrid monster pets - in order to make Xi Yan loose her high-handed and arrogant attitude, break her self-esteem and self-confidence, and forge her into a broken but proper servant who follows his every command without question.

To make her stronger he started to teach her elemental magic and showed no care to her pain when she was burned or frozen by the magic. When she tried to bypass his methods, he came up with even cruel ways, torturing and teaching her at the same time. Later he realized that pain makes her paralyze, and this method was successful to make her step over it.

He also disregarded her emotions concerning her sisters, and also tried to destroy her feelings for them, all the while humilating, berating, and torturing her emotionally, often calling her useless and weak.

Come, come, little rabbit - said the wolf.

Despite he has no use of her, he makes sure that she gets to be a little stronger, he always keeps his eyes on her, and he isn't about to let her commit suicide. Though he has no trust in her, he put a bat into her thight to make her suffer pain if she tries to betray him or commit suicide.

After her betrayal and the happenings in the Forbidden Sphere, he tortures her for weeks, only stopping when she doesn't scream anymore when he whips her. He strengthens her healing abilities but also the bat in her adding an other condition - she can't develop feelings for others. He also reminds her that she belongs to him in every way - body and heart - and also that he will make her into a proper servant, one who has no heart as she won't need it.

His attitude toward her seems to change, too. He keeps an eye on her every step, cruelly punishing her mistakes, and stops teaching her, driving home the point that he considers her utterly useless. He also starts to use Zhao Yan against her, comparing Xi Yan to her, and showing the treatment Zhao Yan gets from Fan Le Lao to her directly.

When he discovers her feelings for Sorace he uses the opportunity to torture her again in a humilating way then uses Sorace's disobediance to sudbue her. After she stops resisting him and awakening the desire for power in her, he teaches her cruel scientific methods. Using the time they spend together he slanders Zhao Yan in front of her and manipulates her into a situation where she has a huge clash with her sister, destroying the relationship between them.

He is on the conclusion that her primary trait in personality is jealousy and envy, which makes manipulation easy for him. He helped her realize what it means to be a (Tzimisce) Vampire, and tries to nudge her on the way to only rely on him and on her own power, knowledge and achievements. He wants Xi Yan to be his and only his.

Fan Le Lao Edit

When Fan Le Lao was found, he started teaching him the things he needed - magic, theory, physical training. He called him brat and often abused, beaten him when thought that he could do better or that he was slacking off. At one time, when the little Fan Le Lao mouthed him off, he made a jab against his parents which totally angered Fan Le Lao. This was the time when he told Fan Le Lao that he is learning for himself and the Sabbat, and until he in not worthy of being a leader he will not be put up with this kind of behaviour. He also told him that if he can't match being a leader, he will kill him and find a new successor. He overhears a discussion, when one of his clan member tries to make Fan Le Lao remove him, after he made a huge experiment that alerted even the Hunters. Fan Le Lao told the vampire that Yi Sai is useful so he has his backing. After this, Yi Sai started to call him "young leader". Later Fan Le Lao started to throw women on him, whom he ignored or passed to his subordinates, then asked Fan Le Lao to stop this and he did.

He b

You dare to talk me like that!

ends before his decisions and carries out the plans according to Fan Le Lao wishes. Fan Le Lao also relies on his informations and sometimes on his knowledge in magic theories.

They showed high level of coordination skills when they fought against Ge Chen.

He is not above of disrespecting Fan Le Lao if he deems is necessay, whoch one time also earned him a slash on his face as Fan Le Lao reprimanded him for still not developing his attitude as a subordinate. Yi Sai took in the situation without any fuss.

They also seemed to collaborate in destroying the relationship between Zhao Yan and Xi Yan.

The SabbatEdit

There were rumours about him killing his predessor to take his place. His very clan members were unsatisfied with him, and the little Fan Le Lao even said tha they could rebel again him. But this changes when Fan Le Lao steps into his position as a leader and backs him. He is allowed to do as he pleases and rarely comes to conflict with Fan Le Lao. He does not interfere with Fan Le Lao's games, and enjoys the time that is spared by the leader's absence to do exactly as he pleases. Since Yi Sai's clan provides most of the power and Fan Le Lao's most of the knowledge and planning, the Sabbat is held together by the two clans mutual reliance on each others contributions; thus there is little reason for conflicts between its leaders.

Sorace Edit

Yi Sai expects strict obediance from his subordinates. So when Sorace crossed his plans, lied to him, threathened him and even caused problems for him with Xi Yan he was angry and irritated enough to threathen his life. He also took his blood since he found his powerless and weak image suspicious but found nothing. He made it look like he is using him to make Xi Yan submit, and after achieving it, he seemed to put him out of his mind, only leaving him with a bat familiar, not even forbidding them from meeting just making him pay the price for it. But after the mission in the Giovanni Clan's terrority is over, he makes his subordinates tie him up and torture him for getting close to Xi Yan.

That night he also learns that Sorace is from the Cappadocian Clan. He showed no care for thi

When things are turned

s, and he wasn't about to make steps against him, as he is the weak spot of Xi Yan which he can use.

When he almost rapes Xi Yan and Fan Le Lao stops him, he notices Sorace standing in the shado​​​​​​​w. He realizes that Fan Le Lao's promise should only act up when Xi Yan's life is in danger and he comes on the conclusion that he was mind controlled. The only one who is capable of something like this is Osiris. He suspects Sorace being a conduit for his power, and he tries to uncover him by attacking him to see if he draws Fan Le Lao there, but this plan is undone by the Nan Gong sisters. He speaks with his uncle to check his story, and after hearing that Sorace hated his parents and used to have white hair, he realizes that Sorace himself is Osiris. The two of them clash and Yi Sai looses the fight thanks to a neurotoxin that was induced into  his bloodstream when he attacked him prior that.

Zhao Yan Edit

He has little interaction with Xi Yan's sister despite being close to her. He seems to respect her as a fairly useful human, but mostly he uses her against Xi Yan and is helping Fan Le Lao to rip the sisters apart. He is not above of lying straight into her face about Xi Yan.



Yi Sai in his full glory

As revealed when he joins Sheng Pei Ren Academy he is exceptionally smart and has a great amount of knowledge. He has sharp instincts, an analitic mind, is calm and cold-headed, and can be sly enough to use elaborate plans to achieve what he wants never revealing his true goals and he can quickly adapt to sudden changes. He easily sees through others, is capable of emotional torture and manipulation. He is also an expert on torturing other physically, too

He can use sword-like weapons, but he seems to prefer and is skilled with dagger-like weapons. He can also wield firearms - even two at once - and is capable of using a whip, too. He is agile and fast as fighter.


As a Vampire he is immortal, he can suck blood and create other Vampires for his bloodline. He is the head of the Tzimisce Clan and commands them with absolute authority. He is second in command of the Sabbat.

His pain tolerance is shown also when he cuts off his own arm and his healing abilities when he reattached it. He also claims that as Vampire ruthlessness and greed is his nature. He kills easily without remorse and is not in conflict with that.

His minions also noted in regards to Xi Yan, that because she was embraced by their leader she would not so easily die if her blood is drained by another vampire, implying that vampires turned by him are naturally stronger.

Supernatural PowersEdit

His abilities in magic are matched by the Camarilla clan leader of the Tremere Clan, Fraser. His understanding of magic is quite high like Fraser's and he can learn how some things work just by observation of how they behave. He manages to highjack and sacrifice the Giovanni Clan magicians after learning of how their own magic array works, interfering with their ritual and grabbing The Knife in the process.

Warning a little overdone

He is able to use elemental - fire, water, ice and probably earth - based spells and is later seen showing Xi Yan how to cast them. Since these spells cause immense pain, Xi Yan finds it difficult to do so. In contrast, Yi Sai not only tolerates the extreme pain but successfully casts these same spells with ease.

He can also erase scars on bodies, able to cut his limbs off to infuse them with his will and use them according to his needs. It was also implied by him that he is capable of using the magic the Giovanniy tried to use - making bodies turn into blood and recast bodies from that.

At one stage, to make sure Xi Yan becomes obedient he places a bat familiar inside her that would cause her immense pain to her if she betrayed him. Later Sorace received an even stronger one. Another spell of his creates chains from his hand that bind and hold a person.

He is capable of summing bats and snakes to do his bidding.

He can also use mental magic which helps him to see though others, get to know their personalities, learn their secrets, their emotions, sense lies, motives and goals probably even dangers. He can also judge others mental states correctly. Probably also knows how to effect others, like inducing fear and demotivation in them by simply being close to them.

Sacred Weapons Edit


Yi Sai in Gangrel form

He has access to the Sacred Weapon of his Clan, the Cup of Blood. It's abilites is about copying the abilities of the person whose blood is dripped into the cup. It can help Yi Sai to overcome in difficult situations which he otherwise couldn't handle. He was able use Ge Chen's teleporting abilities, Fraser's access to the Staff and the Gangrel siblings abilites, too.

He also get his hands on the Butcher Knife, the Sacred Weapon of the Giovanni Clan. So far it's revealed abilities seems to mesh up with body manipulating magic of the Tzimisce Clan.


From what he teaches to Xi Yan, probably also knows how to use a scapel properly.

His Clan had managed to create the body-(re)construction spell that the Giovanni tried to use, that why he could easily recognize and sabotage the spell. He can also use a spell like that to create imperfect bodies like Titan from ordinary Vampire blood. When teaching Xi Yan he mentioned body modification, refinement, body parts exracting methods implying that he is also capable of these kind of things.

Though he didn't clarified it, it was implied by him that he was product / solution of a magic / experiment similar to the one the Giovanni Clan tried to use, only for that strong, special and formidable blood and perfect(ed) materials were used. Unlike his creation Titan, who is considered an imperfect or unsuccessful creation, the process was both successful and "perfect".


Creation Edit

Sorace gave a special method of flesh puppet creation to the former prince of the Tzimisce Clan. He got obsessed with it, and in a few decade he managed to construct perfect human bodies. He created a flesh puppet, that was perfect and special, as he was capable of evolving and thinking. This is how Yi Sai came into existence.[1]

Later he killed his creator and "father", the former prince of the Tzimisce, and ascended as the current prince.[2]

Finding Fan Le Lao Edit

He was the one who found the small Fan Le Lao, and took him back to the Sabbat. He taught him everything he lacked and his methods were not gentle. He beat him every time he slacked off. He made him into a leader because he was ordered to rebuild the strength of the Sabbat, and his existence as a useful tool. Later he found him worthy of the position.[3]

The Fall of Sheng Pei Ren academyEdit

He joins the Sheng Pei Ren Academy to scout and look for a way to overcome it. The school is protected by the Hunter OrganiIsation and their Guang Zhi Yi Faction. He gets his break when he catches Xi Yan changing the answer on her sister Zhao Yan's test paper. He proceeds to blackmail her and snaps a photo of her with him using his mobile phone as evidence against her.


Xi Yan is embraced as a Vampire

He meets her after school in the abandoned Room 5 on the schools highest level.[4] He then bites her, making her into a vampire and reveals his true name of Yi Sai, head of the Tzimisce Clan which belongs to the Sabbat. He reveals that it is useless to go to the Demon Hunter Organisation as not only would they find him, they will hunt her as well. However, if she ignores him, within 24 hours she will become a blood-crazed demon. He tells her the only way is to meet him in 24 hours time in the same location and submit to him. This she does, but he insists on abusing her in the process and forcing her to beg for his help.[5]

Later with Xi Yan's help[6] , the Sabbat pulled off a successful attack on the school. He has 4 of his clansmen kill Yi Shen and kills Kai Lin himself. During his fight with Zhao Yan, he begins to suspect that Xi Yan didn't take the Mei Yue Yin, as Zhao Yan proves to be much stronger then her sister. In the end he is forced to let Fan Le Lao handle her and steps down from the fight.[7]

The End of the Demon Hunter OrganisationEdit

After Zhao Yan refuses to reveal anything about the Key, he interrogates Xi Yan, sensing that she hides something. When she tries to lie to her, he threathens her with monsters he created, implying that if she can't help them with finding the Keys, he has no use for her. She gives out her sister and her father after that.[8]

Later he grows tired off her ordinary blood, and after getting verification from the spy that her blood truly doesn't contain Mei Yue Yin, he throws her to his subordinates, and lets them drink her blood as they please.[9]

He joins Fan Le Lao on a bid to use Zhao Yan to gain access to the Keys of the Forbidden Sphere seals.[10] When Ge Chen shows up, he has a bat familiar attack him to gain access to Ge Chen's blood. He then places it in The Cup of Blood so the members of the Sabbat present can use Ge Chen's own teleportation skills against him.[11] Upon catching up to him, they fight until he teleports with Yue Chen again after being injured, after Yue Jian breaks Fan Le Lao's thorny vines.

The Cup of Blood is used again to catch up to the pair half an hour later. He seals the exist with chains.[12] However Ge Chen appears and breaks them.[13] During the fight that follows, Ge Chen becomes distracted and he ceases the chance to attack him. When Yue Jian steps in to protect him the pair once again teleport away. This time, the former effect of The Cup of Blood has dissipated and they don't have Ge Chen's blood at hand to use it again.[14]

Abuse of Xi YanEdit

As the situation gets too unbearable for Xi Yan, she tries to commit suicide by stabbing herself but is stopped by him. Angry she was about to throw away the immortality he granted her and displeased she still hadn't learnt to be an obedient servant he takes her with him to the human city. He places a bat familiar inside her bloodstream to force her to become obedient and warns her they will hurt her if she tries to commit suicide or thinks about betraying him.

He gets her to bring a group of men to a location where a hybrid Zombie he has raised is waiting. He allows Xi Yan to sleep next to him as a reward and tells her tomorrow she will be taken to another place.[15]

A Change of AbuseEdit

As time goes by, her appearance pales and she becomes thinner. This pleases Yi Sai who then decides he will no longer just give her away to his servants. He blindfolds her and takes her to a place he has already taken her to.[16]

He takes her back to his Hybrid Zombie and pushes her towards it. He explains that Titan won't kill her, but instead just tastes her blood.[17] He later arrives to pick her up after the monster is done with her and tells her that she still has some use for him, and she should just forget herself and become an obedient servant.[18]

Yi Sai begins to teach Xi Yan magic spells. When she can't summon the spell due to the pain it causes doing so (fire causing her hand to burn and ice freezing her hands), he forces her to endure the flames burning her hands. Fan Le Lao enters the chamber and tell him he is tired of hearing her screams. He then tells him tells Yi Sai to gather his clan members and help him with something.[19]

Later an earthquake hits a school trapping Fan Le Lao with Zhao Yan, impressing Yi Sai on how far he would go to get what he wants from her. He then takes the chance to train Xi Yan while the leader is away. He pulls off her warm clothes and throws her in an Ice bath.[20]

When he returns, he finds the two of his servants have pulled her out of the Ice Bath and are drinking her blood. They plead with him but he dumps them into the bath instead in anger. He considers her even more worthless than before. He throws her into a circle of fire instead, causing her to be submerged in flames. He states the circle of hot and cold will go on for her until she gets used to it.[21]

The Ice CoffinEdit

He next appears when Fan Le Lao ends his game with Zhao Yan, and begins to prepare their next stage.[22] Later after drinking her blood, Fan Le Lao mastered the power of destruction and Yi Sai congratulated him. He reports to the leader that the Camarilla were able to get all 7 of their Sacred Weapons, which concerns Fan Le Lao as Ge Chen should have taken longer to do so. They focus on Yue Jian, the third sister of the Nan Gong family and plan to arrive to the Ice Coffin first to snatch away everything they know.

Elsewhere, Yi Sai finds Xi Yan has finally mastered the Fire Spell he taught her. Satisfied with her results, he tells her she will be going on a mission with him. When she finds out she will be meeting her sister Yue Jian, she protests. This annoys him and he grabs her face to face and tells her that she is in no position after everything she has done to be a saint to him.[23]

Using Xi Yan they are able to snatch all 7 weapons without the Camarilla knowing they were tricked into giving up the weapons. With the weapons in hand they preform the true rite to take the information on how to remove Osiris' curse on the Forbidden Sphere.[24]

The Forbidden SphereEdit

Fan Le Lao and Yi Sai's spy on the Ventrue Clan warns them that Yue Jian has left the castle. Fan Le Lao is not afraid of that they will go after the Sacred Weapons, as it would be only a small advantage but high risk, but after pondering a bit about it, they realise she may go after Zhao Yan.[25]

Yue Jian joins Yi Sai and Fan Le Lao as they examine the Sacred Weapons of the Camarilla, disguised as Xi Yan. Yi Sai scolds her for not doing what he told her and when she does not reply he is angered at her attitude believing her to be Xi Yan. Almost letting it slip who she really is, she hides her resistance in her eyes.[26]

Yi Sai later finds Yue Jian at the Sacred Weapons. Yi Sai approaches, still believing she is Xi Yan and asks why she is there. She states she wishes to go on a mission with him, afraid of being punished for her last mission. Yi Sai grab her hair and drags her to her sister Zhao Yan and makes her watch Fan Le Lao talking to her. She watches as Zhao Yan is bitten by Fan Le Lao. He makes her aware of their audience. she is made to watch as Zhao Yan resists her pain and humilation in front of her sister. She states she has no plans to resist him. He informs her the next few days her training will intensify.


In one swift move, Yi Sai is caught

They meet at the cemetery where the Forbidden Spere is and a fight between the Sabbat and Camarilla begins.[27] During the fight, he orders Yue Jian to attack Lilla. As she deals with Lilla, he deals with Fraser, using the The Cup of Blood to get the upper hand on Fraser. Yue Jian is ordered to pull Lilla towards her. With Yi Sai believing he has Fraser and Lilla secured, he begins the summoning of the door to the forbidden Sphere, only to find the Devil Doll in front of him attacking and Yue Jian at his throat with a dagger, it is then she reveals her true identity to him. Yue Jian states she will not forgive Yi Sai for what he has done to Xi Yan.

Since neither side is benefiting from fighting outside of the Forbidden Sphere, a truce between the Camarilla and Sabbat is called. This will last until both sides are able to battle for Set's power.[28]

Yi Sai spots Yue Jian trying to go to Ge Chen and attacks. His snakes are cut down by Xi Yan as her and Zhao Yan are reunited with their sister.[29] When Yi Sai mocks the pair for returning, Zhao Yan states they will not let anyone touch Yue Jian. As he attempts to strike Yue Jian, Xi Yan hits him with the magic he taught her.

As their fight continues she endures the pain as the bat inside her begins to tear her apart. In defiance of him she stands up and proclaims she will go home.[30] Yi Sai defeats her as the power of Set is being released.[25]

The Fragments of OsirisEdit

A few weeks pass, the Sabbat locate someone who knows the location of the Fragments of Osiris. Yi Sai is present as Fan Le Lao announces this.[31]


The punishment of Xi Yan for betraying the Sabbat

A few weeks later, the Sabbat begins their mission to retrieve the Fragments of Osiris. Xi Yan has been torture the entire time since the battle and has for the first time finally not screamed as Yi Sai tortures her. He mocks her for her claim that she can withstand everything he throws at her. He states he strengthened her healing powers so her recovery should be quick. As a traitor to the Sabbat, he states her pain isn't enough. He has also strengthened the pain from the bat inside her.

He states her body already belongs to him, therefore her heart should be too. he states a puppet needs no heart and she is his forever. He releases her and tells her to prepare for a mission in a few days. He reminds her there are things she can and cannot say in front of Zhao Yan and leaves her.[32]

Village of the DamnedEdit

Their first mission takes the Sabbot and Nan Gong sisters into a deserted village. The village was victim of a storm that destroyed its crops and methods of trading with the outside world. The villagers turned on each over and resorted to cannibalism. The initial appearance was of a calm and picturesque village, but as the sun sets its darker face is revealed.

As the darkness comes in, the creatures of the night appear from inside the village.[33]

During the fighting, Zhao Yan spots a child calling her for help. She rescues the boy who claims he knows a safe place. The Sabbat retreat, following the boy.

After they escape the fighting, he explains the state of the area after the storm and how anyone who entered the area became trapped. He explains that over time the people trapped began to bleed in the face and slowly everyone including his parents turned into the undead creatures they saw earlier. Those who starved to death also became the creatures and when the army was sent in, they too fell.


Yi Sai away from the crowd, telling Xi Yan exactly what to do

While they rest, Yi Sai tells her to follow his plan that she is to act out.[34]

Later that night the boy reveals his true nature to Zhao Yan. When he greets himself as The Ruler of the Night, Zhao Yan boasts how the Vampires are the true rulers of the night. he is then killed for his fragment by Fan Le Lao and the village burnt down.[35]

The Giovanni ClanEdit

Fan Le Lao rents out an entire hotel for the Sabbat to stay in. Yi Sai informs an Le Lao that the Camarilla have left Big Bug Island. He also tells of what he has learnt on the Mei Yue Yin, which is purposely allowed to be heard by Zhao Yan who is eavesdropping.[36]

It is explained that they received a package two days ago, but it had not been opened and though they took caution they still got catch off by the gas. The conclusion was that the gas only impacts Vampires as neither Lin Xuan Chi or Zhao Yan were impacted. Fan Le Lao tries to accuse Yi Sai of behind it as he walked out the room moments before the gas as released, until he points out to him that he himself sent him away. Zhao Yan brings up Ada's stone that only impacted Vampires and suspects they are connected.

Seeing Xi Yan mocking Sorace with a smile on her face, Yi Sai pulls her aside for daring to smile and warns her she will be disciplined again if she is not careful.

Fan Le Lao notes that the Demon Hunter's Organisations remnants likely poisoned Xi Yan on purpose and then used the gas to control the Vampires to get access to the Mei Yue Yin owner and lure her out. Fan Le Lao then tells Yi Sai to prepare guns; they will attack the group pretending to be local gangsters.

The Sabbat attack a church, where the hunters are hding. They capture a number of hunters, but are forced out when an explosion occurs.[37]

The AuctionEdit

Later the group gets an invite to the Giovanni auction from a Fortune Teller. Yi Sai leaves Xi Yan to watch her sister spending time with Fan Le Lao from outside the auction building afte pointing out the Giovanni leader to her.[38]

After news that a powerful Giovanni Fortune Teller was murdered after members of the group went to see her, Yi Sai reports his concerns about this to Fan Le Lao. Fan Le Lao and Zhao Yan leave, Yi Sai warns Xi Yan she took too long to report the Giovanni leader left. He leaves her alone by adding that compared to her sister she is worthless.

The next morning he spots her with her sister and comments that her jealously makes her easy to control.

That night, she spots her with Sorace, he had figure the reason she was smiling again was the time spent with her sister but it becomes clear the real reason is how Sorace is treating her.[39]

He pulls her away from where Sorace and her were and proceeds to discipline her for disobeying orders. When pushed to get her to confess to where she got the dress from, she claims her sister gave it to her, unaware Yi Sai knows who gave it to her. He goes with the story, ripping the dress and hurting her, telling her she doesn't deserve dreams and dresses. He tells her to play dead, telling her though she lacks the Mei Yue Yin she is still good as bait to lure out the Giovanni who have infiltrated the auction under the disguise as the police.

Later, two Giovanni approach her. They smell her blood and then realise she is a Vampire like them. They then agree to take her to "that place", to give her blood to something, noting that everyone at the auction will die anyway. They drag her away unaware they are being watched by Yi Sai.

They take her to a secret place and feast on her blood, allowing it to drip onto a magic array, which Yi Sai notes is likely ceremonial related. He considers stepping in and only does o when Xi Yan gives away she is still alive. Revealing himself, he makes no attempt to save her but reveals he heard them confess everyone will die at the auction.


Sorace interferes, defying the will of Yi Sai

The array activates, taking the two Giovanni, as it is revealed it seeks the strongest targets available. Due to the speed it worked in, he decides he needs to see it again and leaves her there to be attacked by the array, knowing he cannot let her die but wanting her to meet punishment for betraying him. As the array tries to engulf her, Sorace, who has been watching the whole thing also slice it back and saves her much to his annoyance.[40]

When questioned Sorace tells Yi Sai that he was sent to retrieve her for Fan Le Lao and Zhao Yan. He tells his leader Fan Le Lao does not want Xi Yan to get hurt as it will effect the entire team. Sorace notes that if she is hurt it would be a problem for Yi Sai and whole team. As he walks off, Yi Sai tells him to stop by his place afterwards.

After he is gone he spots movement in the magic circle and cuts off his arm. He gains an understanding of what the circle does.[41]

Later he makes a report to Fan Le Lao about the magic formation. He concludes that it's about human body reconstruction. Then he tries to probe wether Sorace told him the truth or not. As he leaves he thinks about the scene that happened, and decides that Xi Yan had plenty of time to prepare what is coming for her, and it's about time to deal with her.

According to his earlier request, later that night Sorace comes to visit him and as he tries to plead his case, Yi Sai bites him without a word and restrains his movements while covering Sorace's mouth with his hand.[42]


Yi Sai finally subdues Xi Yan

When Sorace is out of power and Xi Yan is close by he lets him fall to the ground. When the noise alarms Xi Yan he invites her in telling her that whom she is looking for is there. She denies this answering taht she was about to ask Yi Sai about her duties tomorrow. He mocks her for her "diligance" than tortures Sorace with magic informing her that his earlier actions were enough for a death sentence - all this for Xi Yan to reveal that she cares about Sorace. He questions her about their relationship and when she can't give him an answer he causes pain for Sorace again revealing that he know what was going on between them. Then leaves the decision about his life and death to Xi Yan. Kneeling she pleads his life, promising complete

obediance and the satisfied Yi Sai grants her wish. He turns to leave and informs Xi Yan that auction now is more important and he will tell later about her duties. Then casually tells them that he planted a bat into Sorace which is stronger than Xi Yan's and reacts when he sees her. When leaving he sees them hugging each other thinking it is disgusting, then ponders about the blood of Sorace. He was suspicious about his weak appereance after he attacked the formation Xi Yan was held in, but didn't feel any formidable power in him and he is no more suspicious and that it's better this way since everything is going according to his plans as Xi Yan can only be his.

Later he is seen observing the auction and checking on the situation. Xi Yan reports to him that Osiris has arrived.[43]

When Xi Yan tells him that Osiris is on scene, he leaves his post to check on something. He goes to the secret room which is below the auction, and impersonates a Giovanni, to take part in the activation of the circle. After the magic is activated he kills everyone else making the formation attack the Giovanni to while taking the Butcher Knife - the Sacred Weapon of the Giovanni - into his possession.[44]

Ravnos Clan Edit

After the battle with Osiris they get near to the terrority of the Ravnos Clan. There Yi Sai takes her to a basement where he starts to teach her about the science-based side of the Tzimisce Clan. It turns out that the reconstruction spell used by the Giovanni was known to them long ago, and he sabotaged the spell cast by the Giovanni mages. It would have been imperfect either way, since it used too much imperfect material, so the result could have only been imperfect, too.

He is also able to create such imperfect bodies, Titan was made this way. When Xi Yan trembles he mockingly asks if she is rebelling or is horrified by such things, which she has no right after getting killed so many others. She makes a remark that Titan is not perfect, and Yi Sai tells her that it is because ordinary Vampire blood was used to create it, but if he were to use special blood he could have made a perfect body. XI Yan asks him if there was ever signs of succes with this and Yi Sai asks back whether she would consider him a success, much to Xi Yan's horror.

He also explains that materials can be refined and she is to start learning body modification, refinement, and extraction methods. Yi Sai chains a human he already modified somewhat to a lab table and passes a scapel made from special metal so the body won't die no matter what unless she stabs into the heart.

He reminds her that she is a Vampire, cold, callous, cruel, and that he is aware that she is not content with her current status as a low-ranked servant and if she can't gather enough cruelty to do that what does she want to achieve.

Xi Yan slashes down with the scapel. She does it again and again, Yi Sai is not stopping her. She realizies that the fresh blood excites her the spurting blood is beautiful to her and Yi Sai claims - and she is on the same opinion that - that this is their true nature as a Vampire.[45]

Later he is again in the basement with Xi Yan, instructing her about extracting methods when Zhao Yan comes in. He leaves them alone and goes to a side room, but eavesdropps on their whole conversation. After Zhao Yan's expresses worry, and Xi Yan outs down her scapel, he thinks that this is not good, and as soon as Zhao Yan leaves, he immediately comments on that she is about to go out - that she can do that - and even he himself doesn't know where she is heeding, since now she has a high position - all this to make Xi Yan jealous, which he achieves. He points out that as he said earlier,if one is to make perfect bodies, he or she will need special blood, too, then slanders Zhao Yan that despite she knows how precious her blood is to Vampires, she never offered it her "beloved" sister. He uses this to drive home the point that from the two of them, Xi Yan can rely on him more. [46]

After letting Xi Yan go to her room to rest, he orders his subordinates to tidy up Sorace.[47]

When the arriving Cappadocian man's black leopards attack Xi Yan and Sorace, he is standing in the shadows of the trees and does nothing. Sorace even notices him. He watches as the man searches through Xi Yan's memories, than throws her to the ground deeming her useless, and even commands his leopards to kill them. After the man leaves, Sorace kicks away a leopard, then uses magic to command them to stop, revealing his true origins as a Cappadocian Vampire. Yi Sai steps out of the shadows. He get a snarky comment that he was there and done nothing, and he retaliates with that Sorace too, played dead to hide his strength, which he deems as not enough to fight against Osiris, or the earlier man.

Sorace inquires about his intentions now, that he knows about him, but Yi Sai is uninterested in his origins or feuds. He deems him as Xi Yan's weakness, so he won't do anything to him yet, but when Sorace pleads to him to take away Xi Yan, he does nothing, and leaves them there, though he reassures him that he won't let them die, but they won't get it easy either. He laments that it wasn't easy to make that woman to go away as she is to cautious, so he won't waste such a good opportunity. He leaves with saying that if Xi Yan really wants to change then she has to rely on tonight's performance.[48]

Trivia Edit

  • In a poll that was made for the 100th chapter he was ranked in 6th place (3rd most popular male character in the manhua).
  • He appears in another manhua called "Pillow Boyfriend (抱枕男友)" for one chapter.
  • His date of "birth" is 11th of November.
  • He is older than Fan Le Lao.
  • He said that he was ordered to expand the Sabbat - though he didn't clarify this.
  • He was the teacher of the small Fan Le Lao and taught him many things. Though he was not a patient teacher. He explained things only once, and he wasn't above of hitting him, when Fan Le Lao made something outside his expectations. The small Fan Le Lao even worked extremely hard to show off in front of Yi Sai, but he couldn't care any less, so Fan Le Lao thought himself to be an idiot thanks to this.
  • Fan Le Lao sent many women to him, humans and vampires alike. He knew that he liked to punish others by whipping them and thought him to be a sexual sadist, too. He later got to know that Yi Sai ignored the vampire women and gave the humans to his subordinates because he was occupied with his research and experiments. Yi Sai had no sexual urges and is likely asexual.
  • He easily sees through Xi Yan, uncovers her dirty little secrets, and seems to know what she feels and thinks all the time, almost like he has been reading her mind. It is akin to a VtM ability called Auspex which is used by the members of the Tzimisce Clan (among others).
    • Heightened Senses: Raise one of your five senses to superhuman levels.
    • An Ear for Lies: Know when someone lies to you.
    • Aura Perception: Learn various qualities of a person from their aura.
    • Sense Vibrations: Learn the most intense emotion of a person.
  • Even though Presence originally is not practiced by the Tzimisce, Yi Sai seems to use it on several occassions. It is the Discipline of supernatural allure and emotional manipulation which allows Kindred to attract, sway and control crowds.
    • Awe: Once the vampire employs this power, those who are near him or her either want to be closer to him or her, or shudder in fear[21].
    • Dread Gaze: This power engenders unbearable terror in its victims[23].
  • The elemental-based magic he showed Xi Yan is based on the Koldunic Sorcery which is a basic skill-set for the Tzimisce Clan in the VtM. He displayed the Way of Fire[21] and the Way of Water[20]. His subordinates were also able to collapse a school by generating an earthquake implying that he is probably able to use the Way of Earth,[20] too.
    • Fiery Courage - A koldun permanently diminishes the difficulty to resist their fear regarding fire[19].
    • Combust - A koldun causes a target to spontaneously combust[21].
    • Heat Wave - A koldun creates a blistering wind that can kill a target[49].
    • Minions of the Deep - A koldun summons water elementals to do his bidding[20].
    • Kupala's Fury - A koldun creates a powerful earthquake[20].
  • He was also shown to be able to use Animalism
    • Beckoning spell that can summon animals. He was shown to call snakes[14][30] and bats[11] to him.
  • He also uses the most significant magic of his Clan, the Vicissitude which is body-flesh-and-bone crafing. He uses or knows
    • Malleable Visage that can cause minor and mostly cosmetic changes in someone's appearance - like erasing scars[43] .
    • Body Impolitic that can make a Vampire able to fuse his will into body parts then severe it from the trunk to use it to do his bidding[41].
    • Body Arsenal that can transform bones into weapons[14].
    • Liquefy the Mortal Coil: Turn victim body parts into blood[40].
    • Reform Body: Recreate your body after dying[42][44].
  • The Tzimisce Clan is famous for its torturing and experimenting of subjects, creating monstrous ghouls (Szlachta and Vozhd) and even using their perfected techniques on themselves. Yi Sai 's behaviour is what would be expected of any Tzimisce within Vampire: the Masquerade. He is actually one of the most heavily VtM influenced characters in Vampire Sphere.


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