Devil Key, (凶匙, Xiōng shi) was a sacred weapon of the Lasombra Clan, it resembles a key.



the Devil Key in its original form

It was created to help gain access to the Demon King Xi Tai and steal his abilities from the Forbidden Sphere. For a long time, it was held by the father of Fan Li Lao.


The Devil Key in its split form

It was eventually stolen by the Human Hunters Organisation after they ambushed the Clan Leader, killing him in the process and stealing them.

The organisation split it into two keys creating the Forbidden Sphere Device Inspector seals (禁域之匙, Jìn yù zhī shi). The seals were then assigned to be given to two girls cloned from the DNA of Isis who received Mei Yue Yin, which eventually became Zhao Yan and Yue Jian. They each were meant to hold one each.

The seals were originally given to Zhao Yan after it was suspected by Yi Shen that something was up with her sister Zhi Yan when her abilities began to lag behind. She in turned passed it to Yue Jian and eventually into the hands of Ge Chen.

The obtainment of them by Fan Li Lao was part of his ultimate goal to gain access to Xi Tai's powers.

This weapon is among the Sacred Weapons lost when Vampire Sphere was finally opened along with a number of the Camarilla Sacred Weapons.

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