Clan Ventrue (梵車, Fàn chē) is a Vampire clan and the head clan among the 7 Secret clans of the Camarilla .


Their city and castle/HQ are very grandiose, matched only by the Toreador Clan in terms of overall impression. Their clan is very much into commanding authority in the Camarilla, seeing its laws are obeyed. They work towards the best interest of the Camarilla, particularly their own clans status among the Camarilla. Compared to other clans such as Brujah Clan, they are very formal.

Their current leader is Ge Chen, who is acting in place of his father, who is in Eternal Sleep for the next 100 years along with Ge Chen's mother. Ge Chen displays the ability to teleport.

It was known that Ge Chen has a brother called Ji Xiu. By Ventrue law, only one of the brothers could be leader of the Ventrue clan and sooner or later one of them had to die. Ji Xiu was killed while they were both young, in order to prevent the possibility of him inheriting the clan in the future because he was infected with Xue Yan.

Their Sacred Weapon is the Corpse Hand.

The school of which Ge Chen attended, Kai Lun Academy is also in their territory.



  • They are based on the clan of the same name from Vampire: The Masquerade. Their members are often descended from royalty or merchants leading to their clan position in which it holds much power, wealth and influence amongst Vampires and their clans. As such, they are leaders of the Camarilla also in VtM just as in Vampire Sphere.
    • Their logo is also from VtM and is of a scepter, a symbol of ruling power and represents their culture as royalty, merchants and the leaders of Vampires.
    • Ge Chen is shown demonstrating a number of Presence-like abilities.
  • Their name written in Chinese means "The Caravan".

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