Congratulations to AKI.7; Vampire Sphere has reached its 100th chapter!

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"Nine years ago, three seeds were planted, and now they turn into three roses. Behind the girls have been chosen, their wings of destiny open. Bloodlines and hunters, roses and demons, love is like a symphony playing a melancholy tune."

Welcome to the Vampire Sphere wiki. This wiki is about the Chinese Manhua Vampire Sphere (血族禁域Vampire Sphere) serialized in Saloon Music Magazine (飒漫乐画, Sà màn lè huà). The comic was first published in the magazine in 2012 and is written by AKI.7.

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Warning; the storytelling in the manhua references sexual undertone such as rape and violence such as physical abuse and murder.

Due to this the wikia is recommended for the age group "Teen" or older.

Spoiler Alert!

Please note before reading further on the wikia, that it contains heavy spoilers!

Readers have been warned, if you do not wished to be spoiled, take caution when reading further on the wikia.

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Nan Gong Yue Jian

The youngest of the 3 Nan Gong sisters and was never meant to be born in the first place, but was created due to a system error. A fault in the cloning process, at 9 years old she was burnt after an accident and had to be home schooled while she recovered.

She was secretly given Mei Yue Yin and found herself alone without any family or friends to aid her and left to find her own way in life.

For more see Yue Jian

Vampire Sphere
Canon Policy

Note that the wikia opperates under a Canon Policy. Therefore, the manhua is taken as the main source of information over all other sources.

Note also that while elements such as clan names and concepts are loosely based on the World of Darkness series Vampire: The Masquerade, it is not considered a primarily source. However, we will note the influence of the original source on the manga, the franchise is currently not considered to have weight over the manhua beyond names and some concepts. Therefore in the event of contradictions to WoDs own lore, the series canon is regarded as correct over WoD.

Furthermore, speculations are not welcomed on the wikia, please keep these on discussions.

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Series Status
  • Current volume for sale; vol. 23
  • Current raw available on-line; Chapter 102
  • Current English Translation available; Chapter 99

The comic is sold in China, those interested must use a forwarding service to purchase. Currently there is no English translation for sale. They come with posters included as a bonus for supporting the series.

Note also, the volume number is the latest number for sale, however, the volume may not have been released yet.

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