Clan Tzimisce (茨密希, Cí mì xī) is a Vampire Clan and one of the two clans that make up the Sabbat.


Along with the Lasombra Clan, they make up the Sabbat. They are known for their cruel nature, use of dark arts and lack of compassion. They don't even consider this to other members of their clan. While most members of the clan are heartless and cruel, Sorace was said to be an exception for his clan.

Their leader and crown prince is Yi Sai, who is the most cruel and sadistic vampire of the clan. He enjoys setting an example for others to follow by forcing all Clan members to be his obedient servants who do as he asks or face the consequences. The clan has the largest amount of Vampire presence of any clan within the story thus far and often has several members with him on missions.

After the events within the Forbidden Sphere, their clan receives a huge loss and is forced to pull in members from its outer circle like Sorace.

Their clans Sacred Weapon is The Cup of Blood.

Their clan also raises Zombies for use by the Sabbat as mass stock troops.



  • They are based on the clan of the same name from Vampire: The Masquerade. While their sadistic habits are carried into the Vampire Sphere storyline, the members of this clan are quite a step away from the forms displayed in Vampire; the Masquerade, making them one of the clans who least resemble their VtM counterparts. Though in the game, they have a bloodfeud with the Tremere Clan.
    • The use of Zombies early on is likely based on the Revenants, Ghouls that are often associated with the Tzimisce Clan. In popular culture, "ghouls" is a loose term that can mean any form of undead creature, including Zombies and sometimes they are regarded as the same thing, and further more it is not always possible to translate successfully into other languages.
    • Their clan logo is of a serpent biting its own tail or "devouring" itself and is also from VtM. It represents their need to redefine themselves, to explore the limits of the flesh in regards to life/death, create inhumane experiments and thus this ends up devouring their humanity to redefine themselves as Vampires.

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