The Knife (屠刀, Túdāo) or Butcher Knife is the Sacred Weapon of the Giovanni Clan.



The Knife

The knife is a sacrificial item which is used to open up the power of the Giovanni magic arrays. The arrays grab flesh and blood to sacrifice to the array. The Giovanni leader used it to restore his grandfather to life and control him.

During the commotion of the auction house, Yi Sai grabbed the knife and sacrificed the Giovanni magicians.[1]

The ritual allowed for the great uncle of Lucius Brad to return, creating a sealed bond between them. Upon investigation on the insistence of Fan Le Lao, it was worked out it had no self awareness. This disappointed Osiris as he planned to use him to deal with Fan Le Lao. The seal that bound the Great uncle to existence was powered by a taboo and the greater the taboo the more powerful the tie between the entities was. When the great uncle's tie was severed, damage from how powerful their taboo was caused large amounts of damage to Luicus' body.

Osiris stated that Lucius had not the power to give his great uncle self awareness, but had been fully aware of the leader's own undoing in the matter as he himself had purposely delivered the book Lucius had used for the array. Without the power to give self-awareness, Osiris lost interest in the Giovanni clan leader and left him for dead, his attention turned onto others present.[2]

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Giovanni Clan
Leaders Lucius BradIno BradVivian Brad
Sacred Weapon The Knife

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