Sui Xi Bing Lin (彗星冰凌, Huìxīng bīnglíng) are a set of flying daggers given to Yue Jian by Ge Chen when he trains her to fight.


These are not normal flying daggers, but instead magical. A few hours after being thrown they disappear leaving no trace. There are so many of them the user never runs out. They hide within the spell known as "invisible space" and can be produced any time they are called upon from it so long as the user is not exhausted. Through practice, she is able to also infuse them with the power of Mei Yue Yin making them much stronger.

Originally they were owned by a Demon hunter in the Human Hunter Organisation. The owner offended the Camarilla clans and was killed by some of its members, the weapon fell into their hands.[1]


  • Their name means "comets of ice".

References Edit

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