Sorace (索瑞西, Suǒ ruì xī) is introduced as a member of a distant side branch of the Tzimisce Clan, born from a Tzimisce mother and a Cappadocian father.


He has pale lavender hair that is long enough to reach his waist and he normally wears it tied back into a ponytail. His eyes are also the same colour.

At one point his female version is shown thanks to a spell; his overall appearance is identical to his normal male form due to being flat chested. The result is that at first glance it is impossible to tell if he has even been effected by the spell.


He is naive, shy and oddly kind for a member of the clan, he is also very emotional and can be easily embrassed. His ideals are also distant from that of his clan leader Yi Sai. He expresses the belief that individuals do not need to compare themselves to others and are who they are. In turn, he himself shows a lack of jealously towards others. He is not in conflict with his lack of power and he seems to accept his position in the clan.

He is in love with Xi Yan.

Though he lacks power, he has a rather strong character. After Yi Sai puts a bat in him, he bears with the pain in order to be with Xi Yan. He doesn't complain about it, and he doesn't even mentions it, as he doesn't want her to be concerned, clearly shown how much he regards her feeling.

To protect those who matter to him he is not afraid of to do what he has to, even if it means that he has to face fatal consequences, showing that despite his weakness he is not a coward.

He was shown to be able to remain calm even in dire situations. By a relative of his implied that he wants to seek revenge against him and Osiris for the elimination of his Clan and the death of his parents - which he witnessed. Sorace didn't confirm nor denied this so far.


Xi YanEdit

Despite how Xi Yan treats him, he still follows her, even though her remarks are often below the belt.

As shown, she begins to return to her true self around him as his philosophies wear off on her and his kindness begins to make her return to the person she once was before falling from grace due to Yi Sai's acts of violence. However, he remains for a long time unaware of the consequences it has on her thanks to Yi Sai's abuse.

Slowly he wears down her resistance with his stubborness and not knowing what he is drawing upon his head, he managed to awoke feelings for him in her. After Yi Sai reveals how short is the leash he is keeping Xi Yan on, he is made aware of that Xi Yan truly and deeply cares about him.

Later he looks for her, careful and mindful of the fact that Yi Sai has given her tasks and doesn't want to cause her problems. He helps her out in her depression and convinces her to go and take a look at her sister, even promising her that he will take whatever punishment is given out for him if she wants him to accompany her. He also makes a promise to her that no matter, what happens, what she does, how powerless she is or how low she becomes, he will always accompany her.

He wasn't above to ask Yi Sai's help for her when they were in dire situation, and he disregarded his own life, but hold hers as important.

Yi Sai Edit

When Xi Yan was in danger thanks to Yi Sai's actions he stepped in and when saved her, than defied his orders and even lied to him, Sorace managed to make him really angry. What made the situation worse is that Xi Yan's bat reacted because of her emerging emotions, and after that she, too, lied to Yi Sai to protect Sorace. This left him in cross hairs with the crown prince of his clan. He deals with them in a rather harsh manner - going so far to even threathen him with death and causing him pain with magic.

Yi Sai doesn't orders them to separate directly but plants a bat in his body that reacts when he sees her. And for his affair with Xi Yan he gives direct orders to other clan-members for them to tidy him up.

Later he learns the true identity of Sorace, but he didn't really care about it.


He finds himself alone with few friends among the Sabbat.



Even the gentlest of Vampires, is still a demon

Aside from the standard Vampire powers, he is noted for being weak and virtually useless. The only task he was deemed worthy of doing was looking after Xi Yan. Though capable of fighting, he is not shown using any spells.

When Xi Yan's life is recklessly put in danger by his clan leader, he shows his demonic side for the first time to save her, showing that despite his gentler nature he is a Vampire none the less. To handle his leader he relies on tact, avoiding conflict with his leader while putting the blunt of any possible outcome on himself without leaving himself at odds with Yi Sai himself. This delayed punishment from his leader for a moment; but not forever.

He receives a bat familiar similar to Xi Yan's for disobeying his orders and instead of buckling under it vows to endure it. It activates whenever he nears Xi Yan. He has high pain tolerance which is shown when the bat placed on him by Yi Sai acts up and when Tzimisce Vampires tortured him.

When a Cappadocian Vampire attacked Xi Yan he showed great physical strength when he fought off the attacking black leopard familiars, and he was able to command them to stop, showing that what little magic he has is related to the Cappadocian Clan. Though he is not that powerful, just a few fast and strong moves, and using commands over the leopard rendered him unable to move, and he lost consciousness soon after it.


The Fragments of OsirisEdit

He is brought in after the events of Forbidden Sphere. Due to how things turned out, many members of the clan were lost. In desperation, the clan pulled in members from its outer branches and Sorace came with this move. However, due to his weak and useless state, Yi Sai has no use for him and he is assigned to look after Xi Yan.

Sadly, she had endured much torture from Yi Sai.[1] Their first meeting was cold, as her new persona took over caused by Yi Sai's torture. She insults him constantly throughout this. When he offers to come and talk to her often, she tells him to leave her alone beyond what his job entitles.[2]

Village of the DamnedEdit

Their first mission takes the Sabbot and Nan Gong sisters into a deserted village. The village was victim of a storm that destroyed its crops and methods of trading with the outside world. The villagers turned on each over and resorted to cannibalism. The initial appearance was of a calm and picturesque village, but as the sun sets its darker face is revealed.


Sorace wonders if Xi Yan purposely saved his life

As the darkness comes in, the creatures of the night appear from inside the village.[2] A fight soon begins with the creatures, during the fight Sorace is ttacked by one of them. He is protected by Xi Yan.[3]

During the fighting, Zhao Yan spots a child calling her for help. She rescues the boy who claims he knows a safe place. The Sabbat retreat, following the boy.

After they escape the fighting, he explains the state of the area after the storm and how anyone who entered the area became trapped. He explains that over time the people trapped began to bleed in the face and slowly everyone including his parents turned into the undead creatures they saw earlier. Those who starved to death also became the creatures and when the army was sent in, they too fell.

While they rest, he tries to thank her but she states she is just a pawn to be used. H tries to point out how she merely acts mean. She berates him for showing care towards her and tells him to go away.[3]

Later that night the boy reveals his true nature to Zhao Yan. When he greets himself as The Ruler of the Night, Zhao Yan boasts how the Vampires re the true rulers of the night. he is then killed for his fragment by Fan Le Lao and the village burnt down.[4]

The Giovanni ClanEdit

The group is settled in a hotel within the Giovanni Clan territory. Xi Yan thinks about the last mission and notes how nothing is the same anymore. Sorace knocks on her door and she greets him rudely. He explains nobody ordered him to go look in on her and that he came on his own terms. He reveals the reason behind his bothering of her is that his uncle told him he is of a age to take a wife. She belittles him for trying to chase her thinking he has a chance with her.

Sorace notes how she acts mean but he believes she is really nice. He explains how aong his clan, he is despised for acting the way he does. He explains that he came to the HQ to work after hearing about two beautiful sisters and took to her as soon as he saw her. He volunteered to look after her because Yi Sai and and Fan Le Lao were not that bothered about her anyway. She tells him to get out.[5]

Zhao Yan visits a local store to shop for food and other essentials on the insistence of Fan Le Lao, who is allowing her sister Xi Yan to go with her. Sorace comes with them too out of his own accordance, much to Xi Yan's annoyance. Xi Yan picks up a box of chocolates she used to get told off by her dad and Zhao Yan over buying too much of. They discuss how it is given during Valentine's day an Sorace plans to buy a lot of boxes for Xi Yan. They agree to buy only a few boxes as she can't eat much as a Vampire, this upsets Xi Yan that she isn't human anymore and she ran out.

Zhao Yan passes Sorace the things they bought to carry and pay for and chases after her sister.

The trio later returns back to the Sabbat to find the room filled with smoke. Zhao Yan turns to her sister Xi Yan who is carried by Sorace only to find she has changed genders and so has Fan Le Lao to her horror.[6]

It is explained that they received a package two days ago, but it had not been opened and though they took caution they still got catch off by the gas. The conclusion was that the gas only impacts Vampires as neither Lin Xuan Chi or Zhao Yan were impacted. Zhao Yan brings up Ada's stone that only impacted Vampires and suspects they are connected.


Poor Sorace is at Xi Yan's mercy

Xi Yan notices Sorace claims to have changed genders but does not look any different. Sorace is mocked for being flat-chested, which causes Sorace to get upset.[7]

The AuctionEdit

Yi Sai leaves Xi Yan to watch her sister spending time with Fan Le Lao from outside the auction building after pointing out the Giovanni leader to her. While she waits Sorace joins her, having been turned back into a man because he followed the group when the didn't invite him. He guesses she wants to be inside the building, she states that she can't because God doesn't like her.

They notice the Giovanni Leader rushing off.

Sorace then reveals that the reason he thinks they rushed off may have something to do with the Death of the Fortune Teller.[8]

The next night he drags Xi Yan away from her watch and comments how she seems to love upper class balls and parties. She replies that all girls dream of being a princess, of living in castles and meeting their prince, but dismisses them as she is not worthy. When they arrive at a water fountain he passes her a present, a dress.


Sorace and Xi Yan; the prince and his princess

He offers his hand for a dance. She downplays the dance, her partner and the dress, though Sorace is shocked as the dress cost him a lot of money, he is happy she is happy. He comments when she is around him her eyes are blue instead of vampire red. She belittles herself and points out their the same as her sisters and their nicer then she is. He tells her not to compare herself to them.

Filled with emotions she sends him to get her water.[9] Sorace returns with the water, only to find her gone.

He finds her in a secret location being feasted on by a pair of Giovanni Clan vampires in a magical array. He witnesses his clan leader step in, the array killing the two Giovanni Vampires. Then to his anger, he allows Xi Yan to be engulfed by the array. Finally for the first time since he joined the campaign, and angry at his Leader's actions, his eyes glow red and his true Vampire surfaces. He steps in and slices away the array, saving her life in the process.

His leader looks at him with annoyance for once again interferring.[10] Angry at his leader's actions, when questioned he tells Yi Sai that he was sent to retrieve her for Fan Le Lao and Zhao Yan. He tells his leader Fan Le Lao does not want Xi Yan to get hurt as it will effect the entire team. He notes to Yi Sai that if she is hurt it can cause a problem for Yi Sai. As he walks off, Yi Sai tells him to stop by his place afterwards.[11]

After he delivered Xi Yan to her room, he stays there and wails to her about his former actions. Defying Yi Sai was a horrible decision, and he knows that later he will pay for this. When Xi Yan scolds him for being impulsive, Sorace's answer is that she was in danger and that's the only reason he acted.When he collects himself, he sets off to meet with Yi Sai and asks Xi Yan to collect his corpse. In front of Yi Sai he tries to plead his case, but Yi Sai restrains and bites him without a word while covering his mouth for him not to make any sound.[12]


Yi Sai's way of telling that he shouldn't be taken for a fool - (hottest male-scene ever)

Yi Sai stops only when he is at the verge of losing his consciousness and senses that Xi Yan is outside, looking for someone. Yi Sai invites her in and Xi Yan tries to lie to him again resulting in that Yi Sai atttacks Sorace with magic and says that his earlier actions - going against his orders, lying and disrespecting him - earned him a death warrant. Xi Yan steps in and defends him making it clear that she is not indifferent where he is concerned. Yi Sai questions Xi Yan about the true relationship between them and when she can't answer he tortures Sorace again, then leaves the decision wether Sorace is to live or die up to Xi Yan. Xi Yan pleads for his life. Yi Sai grants it for her and when he leaves he mentions that he planted a bat into Sorace too, which is stronger than Xi Yan's and activates when Sorace sees her.

After he is gone, Sorace hugs Xi Yan, grateful for her help and when she protest about it because of the bat, he says that he doesn't mind it as the pain is not that bad and he finally knows what she felt all the time.[13]

Battle after the Auction Edit

He seeks out Xi Yan after her duties are over, asking wether she has anything to do. Xi Yan, seeing him tremble from pain caused by Yi Sai's bat tries to send him away, but he - knowing how worried she is for her sister - persuades her to go and watch what goes on in the Auction hall.

When they arrive, the battle between Osiris, Zhao Yan and Fan Le Lao has already started. They watch the whole scene. He tries to comfort Xi Yan, that nothing will happen Zhao Yan, as Osiris probably needs her Mei Yue Yin, surprising Xi Yan that he knows that much. He is surprised, when he sees Fan Le Lao so tired after suffering the chest pains, caused by Osiris.[14]

Trivia Edit

  • In a poll that was made for the 100th chapter he was ranked in 7th place (4th most popular male character in the manhua).
  • He has several influence from VTM;
    • In VtM the Cappadocian Vampires learn the Discipline called Auspex, the ability that can heighten their senses. Sorace shows traits of this skill set when he deals with Xi Yan:
      • Aura Perception - learn various qualities of a person from their aura and
      • Sense Vibrations - learn the most intense emotion of a person.
    • They also practice in Fortitude, which grants Vampires unearthly toughness, power, and the the ability to resist all kinds of damage. Sorace shows signs of this.[15][16]
    • The Cappadocians are regarded as the Clan of Death, from which the Giovanni is also originated from. They also practice various ways of Necromancy. When facing with the attack of the black leopards, the command he uses to make them stop could be a skill from Sepulchre Path (this path allows the necromancer to command, interact with and combat ghosts), the
      • Compel Soul: force a wraith to do your bidding.[17]
    • Though Vampires in Vampire: The Masquerade are normally from one clan, it is possible for them to have the traits of two clans. This is extremely rare, though possible viable several means (diablerie is just one method). Such rare circumstances that lead to a Vampire with more then one bloodline running through them has other bad results, they often find themselves among the ranks of the Caitiff, or if they manage to stay with a clan, go onto become an outcast, or alternatively push themselves into power to protect themselves. They acquire the weaknesses of both clans (exception being if they are grouped with the Caitiff).
    • His more kind hearted nature is possibly also influenced from VtM, as in the storyline the Cappadocian are passive Vampires who are considered some of more lighter natured Vampires and try to maintain their faiths, though still Vampires none the less. Their nature tended to contrast the more sadistic nature of the Tzimisce, both are scholars but their approaches are different and subjects of study contrasting. This is notable as despite having a Tzimisce mother he takes more after his father. His overall pale complexation is also likely a nod to the clans resemble to fresh corpse, their skin was often fair more pale then other vampire clans.


Sorace Edit

Sorace & Xi Yan Edit

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