Rotting Bracelet (腐镯, Fǔ zhuó) is the Sacred Weapon of the Followers of Set.



Rotting Bracelet

The Rotting Bracelet has the power to infect Vampires with a powerful disease, such as Xue Yan. With this power, the Followers of Set spread discord among the clans, especially the clans of the Camarilla, infecting the young Dye You. Dye You became a demon at night, seeking blood for the sake of it.[1]

Ge Chen's brother Ji Xiu was also infected, he began to experience extreme rage. Eventually he began to hunt people at night, killing them for the sake of it due to extreme anger. This led to his execution since only one of the brothers could inherit the leadership of the Ventrue Clan, they could not afford the chance it would be him.[2]

The Rotting Bracklets curse of Xue Yan is very dangerous, being incurable, making this Sacred Weapon one of the more deadlier of the Vampire Clans weapons.

Its current wearer is the unnamed leader of the Followers of Set, who wears it at all times around the leaders of the Camarilla clans.

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