Osiris (奥西里斯, Àoxī lǐsī) is a Egyptian God.


Osiris is a young man shown with white hair tied back into a plaited ponytail and purple eyes. In the past he is shown wearing lighter attire in contrast to Set's darker choice of colours. In the present he was portrayed in dark clothes. He also had long pointy ears like Isis currently has and Set had in his previous life, now he has normal humanlike ears.

In the present he is seen with earrings that bare crosses on them. In contrast to Set's sombre expression, Osiris is seen with a more light hearted expression on his face.


According to Isis, Gods are beyond the concept of morals that mortals value. This means he also would not know the true meaning of "good" and "evil". His emotions are like-wise void of the true feeling of joy and sorrow, like those feelings felt of mortals. One such example is seen with the way he picks his alliances as he manipulates all sides of the conflict within Vampire Sphere.

Osiris is shown to support the Sabbat over the Camarilla, despite the Sabbat being considered a threat to mankind while the Camarilla are more content to live with humans as a much minor threat. He unleashes Fan Le Lao's restraints to gain power for his own means while making Ge Chen's life more difficult. He was also seen to be attempting to get the neutral clans to form a common goal and hindering the Demon Hunter's Organisation in their fight against Vampires yet supporting them at the same time. His actions seem to go against Vampire society of which the Camarilla hold dearly, putting the Giovanni Clan in a state of destruction and wiping out the Cappadocian Clan, tearing down the fabric of which has held everything together for hundreds of years. He also has manipulated the Neutral Clans heavily, either tempting them with power or leaving their clans in a near-state of destruction.

As a result, his motives are unclear within the storyline.

Since he is a god he demands respects and makes sure that it is paid to him.


The Nan Gong SistersEdit

Though he expressed reluctance to hurt Zhao Yan, he wasn't afraid to harm her to the point of making her unable to move, and if she wouldn't have gotten help, her life would have been in danger. He managed to earn utter hatred from her.

When his Cappadocian subordinate attacks Nan Gong Xi Yan and exracts her memories seeking information on Zhao Yan that can help Osiris, he sends his white bats and commands him to take care of something else when he is about to kill Xi Yan and Sorace, which lets them have a chance for escaping death - whether it was coincidental or intentional is unknown so far.

Fan Le LaoEdit

When Fan Le Lao attacks him not knowing his identity he makes him suffer sharp pain in order to remind him of his place and the attitude he should have in front of his superior.

Despite trying to manipulate, sometimes helping or chiding Fan Le Lao and needing him for a certain task, he also mocked him quite heavily while leaving he stressed it out that they have lost and left the Shards of his power to him as "charity".

He sees Fan Le Lao as a "little brat" for his attitude towards Osiris himself.


When he was playing with Isis, they met with Set, who ran away from his Clan. They took him in, and became friends with him. He overheard Set talking with Isis, and saw it when he took her blood.

Later they became enemies, and fought with each other. Osiris won, and sealed Set's power in the Forbidden Sphere, then cast a curse on it to secure it. Set schemed against him, and killed him, but after his death Set faded away, too.


She was his sister (not blood-related) and fianceé. He really cared about her and seemed to have feelings for her, though he only got the cold shoulder from her. He once overheard her talking with Set and also saw him biting Isis to show her what he is.


Godhood Edit

When he became a god, he had to pay an equal price for it - for him it meant that he will always be abandoned and have to die tragically. Osiris was the only one ever to defeat Set. He created the Forbidden Sphere and cursed it to seal away his powers.


Swift movements makes it hard to be hit

Just a fragment of his power is enough to alter reality. They can do things such as change the size of insects from tiny to huge or turn an entire village into slaves led by a single child. The Giovanni Clan fortune teller Ino Brad describes his power as "like ice" and is an opposing power to Set's, described as "like fire" by her. As such the two powers do not get along when inside someone else. As well as power, the shards hold within the memories of those who've come into contact with the shards they inherited. The memories slowly are passed onto the next bearer as they awaken. The connection between these memories Shards allowed Ji Xiu to exist within Ge Chen.

Osiris also breaks the seal on the child Fan Le Lao that was place on his by his father when the Demon Hunter's Organisation killed him which was preventing him from using his powers. He also transfers the Nie JI Lian Xue Bisai which can only be mastered by Fan Le Lao when he draws support from Zhao Yan's blood. Set also recognizes it when Fan Le Lao uses it against him.


What else can be the weapon of the God of the Underworld?

He is later seen easily besting Fan Le Lao in a battle, with note that that beside his own power he already had 2/5 of Set's own power and a Shard of Osiris's own power. During their battle he was seen to disappear and use other holy powers to fight with. He produced ice or crystal like walls to fight with or use it to defend himself and was able to dismiss the Vampire's familiars.

Osiris had given up 3 of his Shards to the Assamite leader - Fan Le Lao speculates that he probably has a special restriction on him like Set, making him unable to absorb his own power.

He also offers Zhao Yan a chance to consider leaving the Sabbat by offering her more power then the Sabbat can give her.

As a fighter he is nimble and fast, his style leaning more on evading than straight on attack. He can attack with sharp icelike shards in the air. His weapon of choice is a scythe.

Despite seriously lacking his true power he was not afraid to go against all strong figure - like the princes and leaders of the Vampire Clans - and basically decimated a whole Clan. Based on that and Zhao Yan's injuries compared to her healing abilities, Fan Le Lao debated that this probably can mean that his power has an effect that is like a poison or a curse and is capable of effecting the targets even after he fought with them.


White bats can be used for communication

He is able to use white bats to communicate with.

He left the 3 Shard from the Giovanni to Fan Le Lao.

Currently 11,5 of the 14 Shards were uncovered for sure - Ge Chen got 6, Fan Le Lao got 5,5.




The two Gods fight

According to Ge Chen, the Shards of his power contain "sad memories" and "happy memories". When talking about the "happy memories" it seems at one stage it was clear the trio of Osiris, Isis and Set when they were younger were part of the "happy memories".[1]

Osiris defeated Set and banished his power into the Forbidden Sphere. He then did everything he could think of to prevent him or anyone else from recovering that power.[2] Set schemed against him and got him killed. But his previous efforts worked as Set eventually gave up trying to recover his power and disappeared.[3]

Upon his demise, his power was split into 14 fragments and scattered around the world.


Osiris was the first of the 3 Gods to awaken and be reincarnated, giving him the upper hand on his rivals, to which he began to plan his moves against them before they also reincarnated.

His plans involved the Neutral Clans expect the Followers of Set.

The Cappadocian Clan Edit

The Cappadocian Clan was exterminated 100 years prior the start of the story. Sorace is the sole known survivor of it. It was implied that he had something to do with it, and the Vampire who killed everyone in his Clan refers to him as Lord and follows his commands.[4]

The Giovanni Heirs Edit

Years earlier (decades before the start of the story) part of his met a pair of siblings, a boy and a girl, of the Giovanni Clan and its current heirs. As this part of him faded, 3 shards of his power were given to the boy.[1]

After the shards were scattered and he himself faded from history, nothing else is known.

One of, his early influences concerned Lucius Brad, who was lured towards finding a book that would help him gain power.[1]

The Ravnos twins Edit

The Ravnos Clan had twin heirs - the elder princess could create illusions with her dance, while the younger's voice could heal. But after an "accident" - the younger, An Qi La made her sister fall off a cliff - the elder princess hurt her legs, and could dance no more. She met with a stranger - Osiris - who showed her how to separate her spirit from her body. This lead to the whole clan practising this, only for them to realize, that they can't return their body anymore, and Osiris gained them as sand puppets. Both twin hold a fragment of his power.[5] [6]

The Ventrue Princess Edit

He was behind the ill-fated relationship of Fan Le Lao's parents.[7]

Meeting with Fan Le Lao Edit

Osiris finds a child named Fan Le Lao, who had been forced into poverty after his father is killed. Osiris gives Fan Le Lao the chance to break free from the seal on his powers his father placed on him, in exchange for his services to him years later. When Fan Le Lao agrees he tranfers Nie Yue Lian Xue Zhen to him.[8]

The Nan Gong Sisters Edit

Osiris was also suspected to be behind the creation of Isis' clones Xi Yan, Zhao Yan and Yue Jian, though only intended there to be two.[9]

The awakening of the FragmentsEdit

With the events of the Forbidden Sphere and Set's power gathered by Fan Le Lao and Set himself, Osiris' 14 fragments began to awaken. The search for his fragments begins and both Sabbat and Camarilla start their leads into finding them.[10]

One month later after the events of Forbidden Sphere, the first fragment was held by a child claiming the title of the Ruler of the Night was recovered by the Sabbat. The second was held by the Queen of a mutant hive of insects nd was claimed shortly aftewards by the Camarilla.[11] One shard was in the body of Ji Xiu.[12]

The Assamite Clan Edit

He appears before the Assamite leader and his sister Dora. He makes a deal with them to hand over 3 of his shards in exchange for their services. He notes that Ge Chen has sucked the blood containing Mei Yue Yin and all they need is the power to kill him and a reason for it. The 3 Shards provide the leader with the power to defeat Ge Chen and the second involves them simply making him part of their clan.[12]

The AuctionEdit

Osiris himself reveals himself to Fan Le Lao during the time he is searching for the Fragment of his power held by the Giovanni Clan.[13] He disciplines Fan Le Lao and tells him he made a promise years ago he cannot break it and reminds him that when the time comes he must abide to their deal they made years ago.[9]


Osiris departs from the scene

He later appears before Zhao Yan when she is done with talking with the Giovanni Clan leader, trying to bargain over dealing with him. He appears in the backroom, avoiding the Giovanni leader and leaves the unconscious Fan Le Lao with her. He then departs, though tells her she shouldn't associate herself with the Sabbat and that he can offer her more power then they can.[14]

He arrives to the Auction when the array is about to be activated. Fan Le Lao states that he won't deal with the Giovanni personally, and he will leave it up to Osiris. Osiris threathens him that he will beat him up again next time if doesn't start to use honorifics before his name. He then smile casually and asks the Giovanni leader if he had his fun.[15]

The Battle after the Auction Edit

He has no intention of helping out Fan Le Lao, but when the reborn Giovanni attacks him, Fan Le Lao hurls him toward Osiris, sending an intense fire attack spell after him, making him stepp in. Osiris easily defeats the man, noticing that the reconstructing spell was not perfect that's why he had problems with his mind. He laments that he wanted him as a puppet but this way it's impossible, and Fan Le Lao seems to be the better choice. He destroys the head of the reborn Giovanni.


Really a pair of robbers

The leader of the Giovanni starts to beg him, but Osiris turns him down. He blames the Giovanni leader for the demise of his Clan as he made the wrong choices, and he wasn't skilled enough. After that Zhao Yan attacks him for behind, while Fan Le Lao also makes his move. The pair surrounds him. He scolds them for not having the strength and unable to deal with the problem, yet wanting the treasure, and also names them a pair of robbers, which they take as a compliment.[1]

From the front Zhao Yan's sword, from the behind Fan Le Lao with his magic. Osiris is aware of that the first to make a move can claim victory. He swiftly moves away, using an icewall to defend against Fan Le Lao's bats. He wants to break them apart, and is successful in it, but he awaits the attack of Fan Le Lao, not Zhao Yan. He avoids her sword strikes than knowing Fan Le Lao's plan is to avoid touching him, as he think that causes his pains, but Osiris makes him suffer the chest pains from afar, forcing him to kneel in defeat.

Fan Le Lao orders Zhao Yan out of the way then unleashes his full strength. Osiris disappears from their sight and uses this opportunity to attack Zhao Yan with iceshards, successfully hitting her, trying to teahc her a lesson. His attack was centered on her accupuncture points, making her unable to move. Osiris reappers with a huge black scythe in his hand. He claims to be victorious and demands from Fan Le Lao to hand over Zhao Yan, which he refuses. Zhao Yan, with her last strength attacks Osiris, and makes a small cut on his face. After this Osiris decides to leave them for now and lets Fan Le Lao to have the 3 Shards of the Giovanni as a charity, claiming that he will have other chances to take her away. While departing he warns Zhao Yan against moving if she wants to live, and let them taste this defeat.[16]

Fall of RavnosEdit

Adding to the Cappadocians near-extinction the Ravnos clan falls completely, leaving Osiris responsible for the destruction of the third clan - given that he left the Giovnni in quite dire straits.


  • In Vampire: the Masquerade , Osiris was the husband and brother of Isis, much of his storyline is borrowed from his source material and adapted for the series.
    • While Set is a 3rd generation Vampire and among the Antediluvian, Osiris is a 4th generation Vampire and is therefore among the Methuselah. As with the Vampire Sphere storyline, Osiris opposed Set and won despite being a generation weaker then Set. Despite this, Osiris has near God-like power.
    • In VtM he was rumoured to have powers from the Discipline called Celerity. When fighting against Zhao Yan and Fan Le Lao he uses
      • Flawless Parry: make perfect defensive motions at the expense of taking no other action.
    • Set's final act was to cut up his body and scatter it in the world, of which Isis gathered up all the parts and with help. This is likely where the influence of the Shards comes from.
    • After being restored by Isis, he took up position as King of the Underworld in place of Set to protect the lands.
    • He was also the founder of his own clan of Caitiff Vampires, Children of Osiris, who were the counter to the Followers of Set. This clan, however, was removed after the first print of VtM and was later written out of the storyline entirely in later versions by stating the clans members were all cured of Vampirism. The reason for this rewrite was because the core of VtM was about playing as a villain, and 1st edition was renown for having too many borderline "Vampions" and "good guy" Vampire elements, and the clan fell into the latter category. Osiris himself was also subject to this rewrite and he lost the ability to sire more Vampires upon his restoration by Isis.
  • Osiris is older then Fan Le Lao and was the first of the trio of Gods to be reborn, he is therefore older then Set as well currently.


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