The Nosferatu Clan (诺菲勒, Nuò fēi lēi) is a members of the 7 secret vampire clans of the Camarilla .



Among the Sewer pipes of Spana City, the lair of the Nosferatu lies

Vampire Sphere Edit

The clan is located in Spana City. They choose to not only live in the dirtiest parts of the city, but within its sewers. Their city district is very poor being full of beggars and homeless nomads that roam the streets. The water is dirty here and rubbish is everywhere. Despite the state of the city, for their clan it is a perfect location for the to make their home in.

Their clan leader is the prince Tukata, he is an ugly vampire. They are shown to crawl along ceilings and wear masks to hide their appearance. Their members are ill-mannered. Their appearances can be awkward for them, as Tukata alone has trouble finding a bride.

Their Sacred Weapon is the Illusion Mirror.



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