Clan Malkavian (迈卡维, Mài kǎ wéi) is one of the 7 secret clans of the Camarilla, their Sacred Weapon is the Spirit Ring.


Vampire Sphere Edit

Their Castle/HQ is protected by a skull barrier that hides its from the naked eye and prevents anyone from entering. Inside is a traditional Japanese-styles building, the Malkavians themselves also dress in traditional Japanese clothing, have the Japanese etiquette and mannerism towards entertaining guests at the same time.

The clan also is the origins of the Zhui Yan and those with its scent on them can't pass by the barrier so well.

As with the Ventrue Clan, their own leader faces eternal sleep. Dye You takes his place.

The Clan's sacred weapon is the Spirit Ring.



  • They are based on the clan of the same name from Vampire: The Masquerade. Compared to some of the other clans, the Malkavians are quite a bit different to their origins, who are known for their madness and non-nonsensical manners in VtM.

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