Ling Zhang (灵权, Líng quán) also known just as The Staff, is a mage staff-like Sacred Weapon of the Tremere Clan. It is held by their clan leader Fraser.


Similar to the Gangrel Clans Poison Bottle, it has the ability to render a combatant helpless by forcing their body to move in a certain way. When it is first shown, it is used to force Mei Lilla to dance uncontrollably, then later to make the Hybrid Monsters of the Brujah Clan stack up in a pyramid. In the case of Mei Lilla left alone, Ge Chen noted she would dance until exhaustion sets in. It can also halt the progress of an assault. Fraser then used it to heal the Hybrid Monsters.

Its powers make it a match for the Poison Bottle.

Fraser mostly uses it outside of battle against Mei Lilla in their petty arguments. It should be noted that if users of both weapons use them on each other, the Poison Bottle's curse has to be lifted first so the other can regain the ability to use the Ling Zhang again and remove its own curse from the user of the Poison Bottle.

It is notable that for Yi Tai to be able to use the Staff, he had to take some of Fraser's blood. He was able to then Staff also was able to start the ritual to summon the Forbidden sphere.

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