Ling Xue Xiao (凌雪宵, Líng xuě xiāo) is a hunter and one of two personnel students of Hue Ge Lin, the other student being her partner Lin Xuan Chi.


She was a young girl, older then Yue Jian and her sisters, but still young enough to attend high school. She had blond hair and matching yellow eyes.


She was jealous of anyone who got too close to her partner, Lin Xuan Chi, and had full trust in him. As such, she never saw his betrayal coming nor considered the possibility of him being a traitor. This lead her to label the wrong people as traitors all the time and was mistrusting towards anyone she suspected as being a traitor to her organisation. She also acted on impulse at times without consulting anyone else.


Like her partner, she fought with duel pistols. As a hunter she was trained to fight Vampires an knew a number of methods of doing so.


She had been trained by her tutor Hue Ge Lin to the highest level of skill he could do so. In the past they suspected there was a traitor in the organisation, but for every turn there was a outcome and innocent individuals such as Xue Jiao were put down as traitors.[1]

She initially is introduced when Professor Nan Gong is killed, she along with her tutor and partner find her crying. Together with her partner and Yue Jian, they attend the school Kai Lun academy together.[2] She even helps Yue Jian and Li Tao kill Zhen Mi.[3]

After Li Tao's faction is wiped out after he tips off the Sabbat about them, she leads the 4 remaining hunters to the safety of her factions hidden HQ.[4] After suspecting Yue Jian is the traitor of the Human Hunter Organisation, she attempts to end her life soon after they arrive at the hidden HQ. Lin Xuan Chi kills her before she can kill Yue Jian, becoming the last victim to be accused of being a traitor to protect his real status as the traitor.[5]

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