Lasombra Clan (勒森魃, Lēi sēn bá) is the leading clan of the Sabbat.


Vampire Sphere Edit

Along with the Tzimisce Clan, the Lasombra makes up most of the Sabbat. The Lasombra clans members tend to deal with the running of every day things like house keeping and many servants seen are members of this clan including Bi Ni. While the Tzimisce are heartless and cruel, the same cannot be said for the Lasombra clan, whose biggest involvement has come from their leader is Fan Le Lao. Their wealth and workings are much like the Ventrue Clan and they live in a castle.

Fan Le Lao took over from his father after he was killed by the Demon Hunter's Organisation, though not straight away. His father tried to save him by sealing his power, but eventually it was awoken and Fan Le Lao returned to claim leadership. The Lasombra clan leader is also the leader of the Sabbat. The clan leader was reasonable for the death of Lin Xuan Chi's parents.

Their clan Sacred Weapon was Devil Key. The weapon was stolen when Fan Le Lao's father was killed and split into two by the Demon Hunter's, which then fell into Camarilla hands. The clan ever recovered the weapon.

Among their lore is also information on the Ice Coffin.



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