Kai Lun Academy is the school which Yue Jian attended.



Yue Jian and co arrive at the school

The headmaster is an old friend of Hue Ge Lin. Yue Jian attends this school with Ling Xue Xiao and Lin Xuan Chi, following the death of her father Professor Nam Gong.

The school is mostly for privileged children and has many rich students such as Ge Chen, this leads the students to have a stuck up approach to "country bumpkins" like Yue Jian, as she was home schooled. This was Yue Jian's first time attending school and she faced much discrimination as the students judged her on her appearance. They were also jealous of her association with two beautiful senior students (Ling Xue Xiao and Lin Xuan Chi) as well as any interactions she had with Ge Chen. Particularly Wu Sha is spiteful to Yue Jian while she attended.

The students are normally set up in dorms separated by gender and class, or alternatively they live nearby in the city the Academy is located near. Room inspections on any one individual can only occur if all other students in the dorm agree to it. Students living on campus are not allowed pets, although a number of stray cats live within the grounds such as Xiao Black. The library is open in the evenings for study and students may venture off campus.

Ge Chen was able to attend the school mostly because it was within Camarilla territory, more specifically Ventrue Clans. In addition Mu Jing Ren attended this school and it was clear the Followers of Set were quiet aware of what he was doing. The school was also hit by a series of deaths linked to a Vampire, with An Chou being one of the victims. The Vampire was revealed to be Zhen Mi, who was killed by 4 part joint effort of Yue Jian, Li Tao, Lin Xuan Chi and Ling Xue Xiao. The school was apparently guarded by members of the Demon Hunter's Organisation, its Yin Yanse faction of which Li Tao was the leader. The group is wiped out all save one member who was not present at the time.

As students were infected with Xue Yan, it is presumed that it has been wiped out, though its true fate is unknown. The students infected have since been killed by Yue Jian.

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