Clan Gangrel (冈格罗, Gāng gé luó) are a clan known for their wild nature and part of the 7 secret clans of the Camarilla.


The Gangrel Clan members possess a particular animal trait which varies from person to person.They have a strong link to beasts and can command them to their bidding via a form of animal empathy. Not all members like to force an animal to do something against its will, but it is still among their abilities. They can transform into their respective animals as shown when Mei Lilla transforms into a cat. They have great speed and agility and immense strength depending on their animal attribute. They are also known to be nomadic.

Their members are easy to distinguish from other clans due to their animal features such as ears and tails. This is their clans main curse; it is more difficult to fulfill the 6 laws of the Secret Clans, in particular the law about remaining hidden from humans. They have to wear clothes that hide these features, which at times can be difficult to do so.

Originally they were separate and divided into smaller clans. Their wealth varied per group from poverty to wealth. Only one thing was shared by them; their desire for freedom. As a result, they are harsh and members of their clan are resourceful and often wildly different in their approach to each other.

The Gangrel who live in proximity to the Assamite clans territory, found themselves at odds with their group after their new leader rose to leadership of the Assamite clan. This lead them to take up preparation and begin to ready themselves for a fight, fearing the Assamite's would invade. While their faces are not shown, there are known to be at least 6 members of the clan living in the area.

Their Sacred Weapon is Poison Bottle.



  • They are based on the clan of the same name from Vampire: The Masquerade. As true to their origin, their clan is marked by animal features and are nomads, making them one of the closer clans to the source material of the series.
  • "Gangrel" means "Vagabond".

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