Followers of Set (希太, Xī tài) is a clan of neutral vampires who have no alliance with any other vampire clan.


Their goal is to gather up the Sacred Weapons to bring back their master Xi Tai and restore his power. Currently, though he has returned his power has yet to be restored. They spread discord among the other clans, by using the Rotting Bracelet on Dye You and stirring up trouble for Ge Chen by reaching out to Ji Xiu, resulting in his death.

Their unnamed leader was able to raise an army of skeletons, is also the clans High Priest. Despite Kai Lun Academy being both in the Camarilla territory, specifically within Ventrue Clan territory and there being a Demon Hunter's Organisation presence, Mu Jing Ren was still allowed to attend classes there. They later took students by infecting them with Xue Yan for Xi Tai's usage. Zhen Mi was also transformed into a Sacrificial Lamb. Ge Chen was fully aware of who Mu Jing Ren really was and the Demon Hunter's knew of the Sacrificial Lambs.



  • They are based on the clan of the same name from Vampire: The Masquerade. They are a clan of cultists and embrace followers of their clans cult into their membership. Their clan originates from Egypt.
  • Their Chinese name is spelled the same as Xi Tai's own name. Their name means "hope too much".

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Followers of Set
Leaders Xi Tai
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Sacred Weapons Rotting Bracelet
Misc. Xue YanSacrificial Lamb

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