The organisation has a number of translated names currently made for it by manga translators. However, the names all amount to he same thing; this organisation is a group of human Vampire hunters.



Hunters are humans that watch the night, looking for Vampires where ever they strike

The hunters' organisation set itself up to record and deal with all Vampire threats and protect humanity. As indicated by the story, Xi Yan and Zhao Yan were given the impression the group was pure and protected mankind from a Vampire threat. The group managed to identify that there were 13 Bloodlines among the vampires and made a record of the last 1,000 years of their history. Their observations included becoming aware of the appearance of Sacrificial Lambs and knowledge of Sacred Weapons.

However, as good as the groups intentions are, they have a darker side. For Lin Xuan Chi, the organisation were traitors who expect to sacrifice their members without consideration of the consequences to their families, then hide the truth, as his parents were used as bait to stop Fan Le Lao's rampage against their group for the death of his own father. This made Lin Xuan Chi loathe the group, despite remaining with them.

One thing also to note is their group is suspected to be under the manipulation of Osiris.



The group over time discovered Set was returning and fear mankinds time was over. They found themselves surrounded on all sides by enemies with the Sabbat presenting a big threat and were facing the eventual extinction of their group.[1]

To prevent the Vampires from finally winning they killed the leader of the Lasombra Clan and stole the Xiong Shi. Unknown to them, his son Fan Le Lao got away and had his powers sealed, essential leaving him like a mortal.[1]

Some years later Fan Le Lao returned to claim his leadership of the clan. Angry over his father's death and trying to locate Xiong Shi, he began to brutally attack their group. To save their members, they decided to make a sacrifice. [1]


A sacrifice made... A Traitor made

It was this time that Lin Xuan Chi's parents discovered disclosed information on the Fragment of Osiris. They wrote the information in a dairy and hid it in their house. Since the information was classified, the group decided that they should be the ones sent to death.[2] The married couple were celebrated as the ones who killed Fan Le Lao's father. He went after them and slaughtered them. For the time being, this plan worked and Fan Le Lao lost interest in them.[1]

The TwinsEdit

The group managed to get hold of Isis' DNA and gave it to Professor Nan Gong with instructions to create twin girls using the DNA, all of which was influenced by Osiris. This lead to the creation of Zhao Yan, Xi Yan and Yue Jian, the latter being an accident of the Cloning process. They also bestowed Mei Yue Yin on two of the girls and also intended for them to have Devil Key, which they had split into two, one for each girl. The two chosen girls went to school to become noble ladies. When the time came, they were meant to charm the vampires clans and eventually enter the Forbidden Sphere to prevent catastrophe.[3]

However, certain elements on the Professor's side of the request didn't work out. Including Yue Jian, Xi Yan turned out to have a traitorous side to her. As planned, Zhao Yan and Xi Yan received the Mei Yue Yin[4], but unknown to everyone at the time Xi Yan had been given a fake version and the real dosage was put in her sister Yue Jian.[5]


Lin Xuan gained access to information as he climbed the ranks of the organisation and finally found the logs concerning his parents . He soon came to realized they were betrayed by their own comrades and sent to die for selfish reasons.[6]

As they expected, the organisation came to an end when Lin Xuan Chi's betrayal ended up costing their group a number of factions. Xi Yan became a Vampire and betrayed the group[7][8], inluding her sisters and Keys of the Forbidden Sphere was handed into the hands of Yue Jian.[8] The Sabbat then finished them off at a later date and location, with Ling Xue Xiao, a student of Hue Ge Lin, being the last major player to be killed off.[9]

Zhao Yan, who carried the organisations beliefs in her for a long time afterwards, eventually gave them up after Fan Le Lao made her loose faith.

Post AnnihilationEdit

The Sabbat eventually destroyed the group leading to the vast majority of its members being killed in the process. This occurred because of Lin Xuan Chi's betrayal, resulting in the backbone of the group being wiped out. However, fragments of the group remained. The ones spared were aboard, often located in the Neutral Clans territory, resulting in them being mostly ignored by the Sabbat since they were out of their sphere of influence.

The remaining remnants of the group captured Lin Xuan Chi and ill treated him, eventually he got away as they could not afford to kill him due to the existence of his parents dairy. They then fragmented into smaller groups, each with a mission to carry out.

Ada's group were were charged with capturing Zhao Yan and Yue Jian. They sadly failed.

While the other groups and their missions are currently unknown, they legacy of the fall of their core groups has left its mark. As a result, they give no remorse for Vampires - or the traitors of their group including the Nan Gong sisters.

The hidden agendas of the group were still very much alive, thus the group is still open to manipulation and alternative agendas. Ada herself couldn't bare the idea that their group had received help from the Giovanni Clan, which made Ada question her faith. The weakened nature of the groups current state of affairs, means they lack any real strength. As such, the result is Ada's group being easily wiped out, with the eventual suicide of Ada herself, thus the Sabbat once again plays a hand in this groups waning strength.

Eventually Osiris himself begins to interfere with events.

After the events of the auction, Osiris noted that both the Giovanni Clan and Demon Hunter Organisation would not forgive Fan Le Lao for his actions and both would heighten their effect against him. However, the actions of the events at the time were not carried out by Fan Le Lao, but Osiris himself, which he points out to Osiris. Fan Le Lao showed little care for the idea of both organisations coming after him for this reason.



Silver crosses are one of several aids the group has in their fight against Vampires

Similar to the Vampires Sacred Weapons, the group had a number of mystic weapons such as Sui Xi Bing Lin. In addition, they are trained on how to fight vampires, their familiars and minions.

Members begin by being trained in basic fire arms and then matched up with their ideal weapons later on. Some members continue to use firearms as their preferred fighting style, as was seen with Ling Xue Xiao,Lin Xuan Chi and Yi Shen.

Kai Lin and Li Tao both used whips. Xi Yan uses a pair of mid-length whip-like weapons, each with a small sickle blade on the end.

Zhao Yan uses a sword, which she doesn't always draw while fighting, and often uses while it is in its hilt as a staff. They also taught her the spell "invisible space", as she is seen pulling it out of thin air at one point using the spell. She was also surprised at one point when Fan Le Lao was able to grab hold of her sword, indicating that normally Vampires cannot grab it.

Though Yue Jian received the firearm training, she was never matched to a weapon.

Also the group has access to silver crosses. These act as wards protecting the groups members from zombies and vampires.


The organisation is divided in many factions. Each factions have a leader and few members. The factions work like a bunch of task forces for the organisation. The hunters of the organisation are all part of different factions and complete their missions with their respective factions examplified by Zhao Yan and Xi Yan working for the Guang Zhi Yi Faction led by Yi Shen. Each factions are assigned in a particular territory to accomplish their missions.

  • Guang Zhi Yi and were stationed around Sheng Pei Ren academy its members perished at the Sabbats hands, with Xi Yan betraying them leaving Zhao Yan as its lasts member.
  • Yin Yan Se Faction was found around Kai Lun academy. Li Tao was their groups leader, they were wiped out as well by the Sabbat thanks to Lin Xuan Chi. However, one unnamed member managed to survive, though Li Tao did not know this.


  • Some aspects of the group changed from early chapters to later. For example, Lin Xuan Chi's parents deaths are shown early on, they are wearing outfits that reflect the paladins of the Crusades. When they are shown later they are wear more modern attire.
  • The Demon Hunters draw many ideas from the sourcebook Hunter: The Reckoning, particularly how two of the Nan Gong sisters are imbued with Mei Yue Yin. The books are also intended to be among the highest caliber of difficulty within Whitewolf's RPGs in cWOD, with the odds staked purposely high against the Hunters. This is because they suppose to be not much more then gifted humans hunting supernatural such as Vampires and the Fera.

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