Chapter 39 is the thirty-ninth chapter of Vampire Sphere.


  • In VtM the Brujah are indeed divided into 3 factions, which are copied into VS along with a number of other things. They are also unruly and often uncivilised, though was once a philosophical clan whose members were deep thinkers and protected their beliefs and thoughts. While the clan has fallen from grace, members still are fighting for their beliefs.
    • The Individualists are the second largest group and mainly consist of inexperience or fledgling vampires. The group consists of Vampires who have yet to establish order amongst themselves and form groups to become more effective. Their presence is largely due to the clans habit of not educating their childe on the traditions of the clan, leaving them lost without a clause and having to find their own way.
    • The Iconoclast are the next stage of Brujah clan vampires and the largest group within the clan. As the vampires of common causes gather together into groups, they stop being individualists and enter the Iconoclast stage of the clan. This is the group which contributes to the Brujah reputation as a clan of thugs, brutes and rebels, in Modern Nights often form random street gangs. Their actions often destroy any symbol of power.
    • The majority of elders who are active are in the Idealist group, the smallest of the Brujah groups. The Idealists are the natural progression of the clan as clauses for rebellion become lost, leading those still left within the shatter gangs to realise they no longer can achieve their goals. The Idealists remember former past glories of the clan and often strive to rebuild what they have lost, only for the younger members to tear down any attempt for the clan to regain its lost glory, leaving elders and younger vampires forever at odds. All members of the group are 300 - 1000 years old.