The Bloodlines refers to the 13 demon clans of vampires.

The Demon bloodlines have 13 elite clans. The clans are divided in 3 different factions. The Sabbat, the Camarilla alliance and the Neutral faction. No matter what clan belongs to, they are perceived as evil by humans in general and hunted by the Demon Hunter's Organisation.

The Sabbat Edit


The true nature of the Devil Clans

The Sabbat (魔党, mó dǎng) consists of the vampires who believes that they should not hide their existence from humans and oppresses them through violence, seeking power to gain the upper hand. The clans of Sabbat are also known as the 'Devil Clans'. This faction is dominated by 2 clans.

The Camarilla Alliance Edit


The Camarilla alliance relies on meetings such as this one

The Camarilla (密党, Mì dǎng) consists of pacifist vampires who prefers to avoid conflict with humans. They have their own laws regarding association with humans. These clans are also known as the 'Secret Clans'. This faction consists of 7 clans.

It is mentioned that each clan has a leader and often elders that make sure the leaders abide to the rules of their clan. The Elders eventually step down and pass their status onto the younger generation or "Princes" as seen in both the Ventrue and Malkavian. If the Princes are away, the elders can be forced to step in, otherwise they go to sleep.

The Camarillas laws total 6 major agreements in total of which have only be mentioned.

  • Marriage; this one of two laws clearly laid out Vampires are not allowed to force a human to marry them. Marriage without authority of the Elders will also not allowed, and would be investigated by a Camarilla elder if such a thing as an union between clans to create an alliance would occur.
  • Secrecy; they do not reveal themselves to humans at all. This is a primary law that is clearly laid out. Vampires have to also practice self-control over their blood drinking urges to avoid breaking this law. They also have to watch what feats they commit in front of humans.
  • Mind Control; even on animals, this is forbidden. Though it is unknown if this is one of the 6 laws.

The Neutral clans Edit

The other clans are collectively known as neutral clans who support neither of the two factions. Despite having a collective name, they are not united with each other and each enjoys a entirely independent existing from all other Vampire bloodlines. As such, they lead very different goals; for example the Set Clan worship Xi Tai believing in his return while the Giovanni run a mafia-like lifestyle that allows them to control an entire city.

Currently, an effort is being made by an unknown individual, who is referred to as a servant of God, to unite the Neutral clans under one alliance. For what purpose isn't known as of current storyline. He, however, has allowed the Shards of Osiris to be handed out to leaders of the clans.


  • The series is based on ideas and concepts from Vampire: The Masquerade and its main concept of bloodlines. As such a number of names are borrowed directly from the series. Such names are often written in English, such as clan names, instead of Chinese like most names within the series. The borrowed concepts also include the Sabbat and Camarilla, though the two groups are simplified. For example, the Sabbat only includes the two main clans Lasombra and Tzimisce, and does not include the various off-shoot bloodlines who support the group, nor defectors of the Camarilla clans such as the Antitribu. The series also does not reference the Gangrel leaving the Camarilla. However, the series does not include Clan weaknesses, save a few such as those seen by Nosferatu who are cursed with ugliness.

References Edit

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